How to use QR reader in the classroom

Another school post! Today more students brought in their food from their fake restaurants we have been doing in the Creative Exploration class I talked about in this post. I was amazed! Tuesday, a student brought in chocolate eclair cake, another student brought in ice cream sundaes, and another brought in chicken empanadas.

Today we had three (3!!) different kids of cake: a cinnamon cake, a chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting, and another girl brought in a coconut cake with vanilla frosting complete with the name of her fake bakery on it!!



It was awesome!!!

Anyway, today we did a pretty cool thing with the I pads in class that worked out well. I talked previously in my blog about using QR reader. It really is quite a simple thing to use. I had 4 different videos to show students about The American Dream, the unit we’re working on. They had to

watch the video and determine what it was trying to say about The American Dream. Instead of giving students a long URL to type out which usually gets messed up because it’s difficult to type on the I pad, I gave them a QR code with the video in it. They scanned the QR and it took them right to the video. Easy way to integrate technology!

Here were the four videos I had them watch:

Interviews about the American Dream-

Obama speech-

End of American dream? Informative Cartoon

Michele Obama speech-

To generate QR codes, go to a website like QR stuff. It’s pretty simple. Students like it because they love anything that we do with the I pads. Although there were a few technology hiccups at first (when are there not?), it worked out well!

smile you’re having fun!

Now I just have to get through one more day before Thanksgiving Break! Bring on Friday!

They also liked the cake…