Arm Burner Workout

What a great start to the week! My students- surprisingly- were amazing. It’s great to come back to work when I have such hard working and dedicated students. It honestly felt good to get back in the swing of things. Many people may be upset or grumpy because vacation’s over- but I try to avoid the negativity.  Negativity will drag you down so I’ve learned recently to just avoid it and instead of focusing on what’s bad, try to look at positive things (it’s easier said than done). I just focus on the fact that I actually have a job and everything that went well with my lesson. It makes the day go by so much faster when I actually take the time to notice the good things instead of focusing on the bad.

I topped off this wonderful Monday with a great at home workout. Austin and I brought home his weight bench, which is now conveniently located in our basement. It has me debating whether or not my gym membership is worth it!


Although, after I came home to workout today, I felt like I could easily just sit on the couch or start dinner! So I think keeping the membership would be smart. I just feel better paying for something that holds me accountable.

Since it’s Monday, I decided to start the week with a killer arm workout:


I finished with some core work that consisted of:

25 Thai Sit ups

25 Toe Touches

50 Russian Twists

1 min Plank Hold

If you are unsure of what any of these moves are- just You Tube or Google them. Again, I do not have professional training or experience with weight training- so complete the workouts at your own risk!

Dinner was a healthy and yummy pepper pasta that I stole from the blog Undressed Skeleton. I love my carbs, but I try to avoid most of them at all cost. Instead of eating pasta, I just made myself  several sautéed peppers to substitute for it. Delicious and healthy! Of course I have to make real pasta for Austin.


So good and good for you! Happy Monday!

Question: How do you feel about going back to work the first day after vacation? How do you avoid negativity?