Working out while dealing with injuries

I am dealing with back pain of unknown origin…I thought I had this problem fixed earlier in the year when I was visiting a physical therapist. For the last 3-4 months I’ve been fine and working out more than ever before.

I guess it caught up with my body because….I have been experiencing a lot of back tightness and numbness that now goes down my leg. Since I’m not living near my old chiropractor I had to go see a new one….who was useless. I think I need to go see an actual physical therapist to see what is going on.

In the meantime, I feel like (and everyone is telling me) I should take a break from high intensity workouts, but I am experiencing a great deal of anxiety with not working out. Not only do I have anxiety that I’ll gain weight, but I love the feeling I feel after working out really hard. The anxiety that I might have to take an extended break of any sort is really starting to build up.

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On the other hand, I know that if I push myself and ignore the pain, something could SERIOUSLY go wrong and I could really hurt myself. This week I have been doing arm work outs, focusing on cardio, and took two (eek!) days off. Today I designed a mobility/stretching workout to see if that helped at all.


I went through the workout three times. To my dismay, the numbness/pain is pretty much the same. I am planning on calling around to different doctors and seeing what I should do. It stinks because I am in a new town and am not in a position to get recommendations except from the internet. So for now I am in a standstill and I am just planning on doing low impact stuff for the next few days. I literally cannot bear the thought of not being able to work out.

Any advice? How did you deal with working out with an injury?


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