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I’ve been thinking about doing this wedding post for awhile now! Finally it’s 2013 and I can really start wedding planning. According to everyone I’ve ever talked to, it’s the most stressful thing in the world. But so far I’ve loved every minute. I can imagine handing over the final check may be a bit stressful Disappointed smile


This past Saturday, I braved the blizzard-like conditions in Central New York to venture to our wedding venue city for food tasting for our wedding buffet. Yes- we’re having a buffet for many reasons including price, convenience, and timing. Don’t judge- k thanks.

It was almost a disaster, as the aforementioned blizzard conditions caused a delay in my travel.


The venue is about 45 minutes from my hometown all of which is highway driving. The steady snow made the roads rather slick and as I was driving along a tractor trailer that had just passed me jackknifed over an icy bridge. This was literally three cars in front of me. I almost watched the thing fall over the bridge. Thank God, no one was hurt and my vehicle and I stayed safe. Ugh. I HATE winter.


This open bridge where the truck hit the guardrail was causing me a bit of anxiety. Fun times!

Any how, finally traffic got moving again and slowly but surely I made it to the restaurant.

We were able to pick up to seven entrees to taste. The buffet for our wedding needs to include 1 chicken, 1 pasta and 1 seafood dish. It also includes a carved meat like roast beef or prime rib, but for obvious reasons we weren’t able to taste that meat as they were not going to make an entire rib roast for our party of 6 (my parents and my in laws joined us).

The seven entrees we chose were:

Filet of Sole with Crabmeat stuffing

Peppercorn Crusted Tilapia

Garlic Lemon Herb Chicken dusted with Seasoned Flour, Sauteed to a Golden Brown

Steak Au Poive (Beef) – Twin medallions of sirloin, sauteed with cognac, shallots, cream and peppercorns

Chicken Paupiette (Chicken) – With prosciutto ham, spinach, pepper jack cheese, roasted red pepper and finished with a creamy herb sauce

Ravioli ala Vodka (Pasta) – Jumbo cheese raviolis, vodka sauce and julienne vegetables

Penne Provencal (Pasta) – Roasted tomato, mushrooms, spinach, Italian herbs & olis, cheese and penne pasta

We also got to taste the potatoes and green beans, a salad with crumbly bleu cheese, roasted red peppers, candied walnuts and caramelized onions, and yummy cheese topped rolls.

wedding dinner

Only picture I took. I’m sorry, I’ll become a better blogger in the new year I hope. It is rather obnoxious to keep whipping out my phone at a fancy dinner. From top left: vodka ravioli, green beans, chicken paupiette, penne provencal and lemon chicken.

My favorites were the ravioli (still dreaming about it) and the lemon chicken. And the salad!


Not the best picture of us, I know, but again, I was lacking in pictures. Sorry!

After all was said and done we chose:

Ravioli a la Vodka

Garlic Lemon Herb Chicken

Peppercorn Crusted Tilapia

So if you’re coming to my wedding you can look forward to that. If not, you can look at my picture and imagine eating it. Sorry. Hope everyone is having a lovely New Year’s Day….back to work tomorrow….grin.


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  1. Caitlin

    eep, so happy to hear you made it there safely given all the winter chaos surrounding you! i’m glad you chose the dishes that resonated with you most. i like how you have something to please the pasta/vegetarian, the fish, and the poultry people!

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