Spinach Garlic Pizza

Please note this recipe is NOT one of my healthier ones but delicious anyways. My eating has been all over the place lately! Planning on a big change soon….I’ll be updating you on that soon…

Anyways, I have been using Oh She Glows whole wheat pizza dough recipe for over a year now! It’s great and it works perfectly every.single.time. The only time it remotely went wrong was when my yeast wasn’t good. Other than that it is no-fail! So much better than store bought.

I make the pizza dough the night before so I can just take it out and roll out. I usually make a pretty standard topping pizza with peppers and onions but we had that Thursday night for dinner so I mixed it up with a spinach garlic variety.



You’ll need:

2 tbsp olive oil (obviously I am using the garlic infused olive oil from Olive a Sudden)

6-7 cloves of garlic (you don’t want to kiss anyone after this one)

2 cups cheese of choice (I used mozzarella and mild cheddar)

1 cup thawed spinach

1 small onion

Dried oregano and parsley

garlic powder

– Roll out your pizza dough, place on baking sheet, and rub with 1 tbsp olive oil

– Put your garlic cloves in the food processor until they are minced- drizzle in the rest of your olive oil while running.

-Spread the mixture on the pizza dough and cover with onions, cheese and spinach.

-Sprinkle dried parsley, oregano and some garlic salt.

-Cook for approx. 15 minutes, or until cheese is slightly browned on top.

Ummm did I mention leave spinach off half the pizza for your picky fiancé? I enjoyed the spinach!


It’s delicious. Actually, I’m eating it now.

In other news, today ended another cycle of my creative exploration cooking and recipe elective at school.  The kids were REALLLLY good to me this time around!!!! Take a look at the pumpkin cardamom cupcakes and almond butterscotch cookies they made to bring in. Don’t be jealous.


Pumpkin cupcakes were easily one of the best things I’ve eaten. Love my job at times like this!

Hope everyone has a good weekend! Happy Friday!


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