Picking out Tuxedo Styles

I blogged last week about my choice for bridesmaid dresses for our August wedding. I still can’t believe I went with pistachio!



I still have yet to pick out shoes, but I am thinking either gray or nude coloring. I could go crazy and go with peach or orange…..but we’ll see. Any suggestions???

Picking out tuxedos for the guys was WAY easier and less time consuming. We walked right in, saw the one we wanted and ordered right away. Simple! Here are some pictures I used for inspiration for the tuxes:




I wanted to go with grey for a softer look. Didn’t take long to pick out our tux when we saw this one upon entering the store:

source: Tuxedo Junction

We are going with the grey tux, grey vest underneath, and the groomsmen will wear pistachio ties to match the dresses. Austin will wear the cream colored tie. The shirts underneath will be ivory. This picture I took in the store wasn’t the greatest, but here it is:



It’s crazy how many little decisions there are to make that seem so important at the time, but I could totally forget about the day of the wedding. For instance- the guy’s shoes. We couldn’t decide between black and grey. We went with black, but do you think that this decision is going to mean life and death on the day of? No. I foresee more of this difficult decision making in my future…

What do you think are/were the hardest things to decide about while wedding planning?


9 thoughts on “Picking out Tuxedo Styles

  1. quartercenturysouthernliving

    How fun that you went to do this! I love your wedding posts 🙂 We haven’t decided what the guys will wear yet, but since our wedding is going to be outdoors and by the beach, we are going more casual. I think we will either do khaki or gray vests!

  2. runningonpb

    I LOVE when men wear grey for weddings! That’s what my brother is doing, and my best friend did as well. I think it’s so classy and easy going, and I feel like the pretty colors go so much better with grey

  3. Heather @ Kiss My Broccoli

    Wow, that pistachio color is GORGEOUS! And I’d totally go with peach shoes…maybe with a little flower embellishment on them, especially if you’re going with peach-colored bouquets! 🙂 And I LOVE the grey tuxedos!

    Oh, so I guess I should sort of introduce myself since I just randomly pop in with wedding planning suggestions! Ha! I just stumbled over here from Madison’s blog (Eating 4 Balance)…couldn’t help it when I saw the name of your blog since I’m a total pancake lover (which actually might be the UNDERstatement of the year!…I’m kind of obsessed! Lol) So yeah, hi! how’s it going…I’m off to check out your PB&J pancakes now! 😉

  4. Luv What You Do

    Those dresses are adorable! I agree that I wouldn’t have thought of green but it looks amazing in the short dress. I’m sure it will look great with grey tuxes!

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