First day of hiking and Larabar Review

Anyone who lives in the northeast knows that the weather this weekend was a long time coming and well deserved!!! Seriously-it was snowing last week! I’ve been getting pretty depressed about seeing everyone out running and biking, knowing that I can’t, however yesterday Austin and I went to the nearby state park and at least got a hike in.

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It started out okay and then turned into a tiring climb up a sheer cliff. At the top you could see the lake through the trees but the pictures didn’t do it justice.

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Fun day! I thought it would be appropriate to do my Larabar review on a post about hiking because they would be the perfect fuel if you needed some energy to push through on a hike!

I was so excited when Larabar sent me these goodies to review!! I had heard about them obviously from blogs but could never find them in stores.  For those of you that don’t know Larabar is one of the only bars with absolutely no artificial ingredients AND no added sugar. That makes them Paleo and Whole 30 approved! I liked them because it is so hard to find a bar without any added sugar that is completely natural.

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They sent me: chocolate peanut butter, chocolate chip cookie dough, peanut butter and jelly and carrot cake. I had most of them as an after lunch snack or in the afternoon to tide me over until dinner.

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The verdict: I had really high hopes for the peanut butter and jelly but my absolutely favorite was the carrot cake (not pictured). It had a great taste, chunks of walnuts and almonds. The chocolate chip cookie dough and peanut butter and jelly just tasted a little more artificial. (Even though it wasn’t)

The downside, I thought, to Larabars is that there really wasn’t that much protein in them to have them be considered a ‘protein bar’  and tide me over as a full snack. However, upon visiting Larabar’s website today they came out with a new product, called ALT, which is the first bar with added protein!!! I’d love to try those too! Larabars for me are good for a treat, but I don’t know if I would add them into my diet on the regular (because I would easily become addicted. And large lol).

Hope everyone is having a great Sunday! What is YOUR favorite flavor of Larabar??? Let me know so I can try out more!


16 thoughts on “First day of hiking and Larabar Review

  1. onmywaytohealth

    I love Larabars but not all are whole 30 approved and paleo, peanut butter and peanuts are not allowed on the while 30 and some of the bars have chocolate chips which are sweetened with sugar. But they do have tons of other flavors that are paleo and whole 30 appoved!

  2. Lisa @ Lisa the Vegetarian

    I love larabars! I’ve been eating them for a few years and I just love knowing that it’s a whole food made out of only fruits and nuts. My favorite flavors are the chocolate chip cookie dough, cashew and peanut butter chocolate chip.

  3. Her Happy Balance

    I really LOVE the pecan pie flavor. I think it’s just dates, pecans, and cinnamon but it is delicious! I agree with you, carrot cake is pretty delish! I’ll have to look into the ALT bars 🙂

  4. Oats n' Bows

    I haven’t had larabars is SUCH a long time! Ahh!

    I used to like the peanut butter, and the cookie dough though… they seriously are super delicious 😉

  5. Alex @ Brain, Body, Because

    Yeah…I think I’m the only one who isn’t crazy about Larabars! It’s a lot of sugar and not much else…I’d rather just eat the fruit! I will definitely check out those ALT bars, though – thanks for the tip!

    1. Andrea @Pencils and Pancakes

      I kind of agree with you! That’s why I prob wouldn’t buy them. They are good but since they’re nuts very calorie dense. Like I said in my review more of a great than something I’d eat every day. It’s a better choice than most bars though.

  6. Health, Love, and Chocolate

    I’m glad you were able to take advantage of the weather. Carrot cake is one of my favorite Larabar flavors, along with coconut cream pie and pecan pie. And I have tried the ALT bars and they are pretty good, especially for having those impressive protein stats!

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