Review: Gordon Biersch Brewery and Restaurant

This weekend we went out to dinner with some friends at a new chain restaurant in Syracuse at what is now the new Destiny USA mall.

Growing up this was always called Carousel Mall and had plans to be this huge attraction type mall with all sorts of bars, restaurants, recreation, etc. But it just always seemed to be something far away that was never really going to happen. Since I don’t live in Syracuse anymore I hadn’t been to Carousel since they opened it as Destiny, so we decided to grab dinner Friday night. I was impressed!

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We decided to go to the new restaurant/brewery Gordon Biersch. We’ve been to the one in Buffalo before just for drinks, which I wasn’t too impressed with, but I loved the beer I got this time.

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They had an outer deck seating area (not outside, just in the mall) as well as an inner restaurant with a huge bar.



For dinner I ordered the steak tacos with chimichurri sauce. They came wrapped in a crispy blue tortilla shell and soft taco, which made for a nice texture and crunch. Tomatoes and lettuce were also stuffed in there.



Horrible Iphone photo, I apologize. I have GOT to get a new camera for blogging.

I asked for steamed veggies instead of the beans and rice (yummy but they make my stomach hurt), and they ended up bringing both. No harm done I guess. I just ignored the beans! The tacos were fabulous.


Austin ordered a Kobe burger with sweet potato fries. One or two of the fries might have ended up in my belly. They were good. He said the burger was cooked perfectly.

After dinner, we roamed around the mall looking for an ‘ice bar’ that didn’t exist. It was actually an ice museum, that wasn’t open yet. But there was an indoor go-kart track, a ropes course, a comedy club, many fro-yo spots (I was too stuffed from dinner at this point), and other restaurants. I had no idea there was so much stuff to do here!




If you’re ever in Syracuse, I would definitely check out Destiny. Especially if you love shopping! I couldn’t resist getting a pair of shoes after dinner too……

What is your favorite type of beer?? Lately I have been a fan of darker stouts for some reason….


5 thoughts on “Review: Gordon Biersch Brewery and Restaurant

  1. Ashley

    I love all types but my favorites lately have been ales (IPAs) & porters! I must say I do love our homemade brews we’ve made too!

  2. Alex @ Brain, Body, Because

    That is a serious mall!

    Some of those sweet potato fries would have ended up in my belly, too 😛

    I looove wheat beers, because they’re so light and a little sweet and taste very…”crisp” to me. My husband is like you, though, – he loves dark stouts!

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