Grocery Series Part I: What’s in my cart?

    I’ve decided to do a short blog series regarding my grocery shopping and food purchasing habits for anyone interested. For anyone who’s notinterested….#sorrynotsorry.



This is what works for me…..remember everyone’s different. I want to start off by giving a glimpse into my typical grocery cart on Sundays. Now I say typical but I will put a disclaimer out that it was a lighter week in terms of thingspurchased.I still had some things left over from last week’s trip. Austin and I just went shopping Tuesday….I was pushed back a day from the previous week because of Memorial Day, so usually I would buy more than what’s here. Also, next week starts my CSA membership!!! But nonetheless I thought it would still be helpful.

The first stop was Aldi’s. Not the best for quality but it’s cheap! For those of you that don’t know…Aldi’s is a discount grocery store that sells off brands. Sometimes I get produce and snacks for Austin there but I don’t buy meat or dairy there.

Then I went to tops to pick up the rest.

Here’s the loot:

















Veggies and fruit:

Baby spinach
Sweet potatoes
Green apples

















Organic milk: I don’t really use this, but Austin likes whole milk. Dairy is one if the things I TRY to buy organic when possible. But I don’t really eat that much dairy. More on that in the next segment on groceries!
















I am trying out this new spice blend for curries!


The brand of coconut milk I buy! No added sulfites

















Canned salmon…I’ve never tried this ! I am going to make Practical Paleo’s salmon cakes with it.















It was cheaper than frozen salmon.
Chicken.. Tops had it on sale. No it’s not pastured but at least it’s antibiotic free. Vegetarian fed means nothing.

You may notice I’m lacking in other proteins…that’s because yesterday Austin and I took a drive out to the farm to pick up 10 lbs of grass fed ground beef. I also got pastured eggs at the farmer’s market yesterday. I already talked about eating local in a previous post…I’ll go into more detail in the next post of the series about organic.

Nuts- going to try and make almond milk, cashews for Austin to snack
Corn chips- NOT for me
Tomato sauce

So I spent $25 at Aldi’s and $30 at tops. Not too bad. But I spent $66 on the meat yesterday. That meat will prob last almost two months.

Normally I spend about $80 a week not including the meat. I’m not going to cut corners on what I put in my body. Normally I get more fruit, but I’m trying an experiment to see how I feel when cutting back on fruit. Can’t wait for the CSA next week!

There you have it! Next week: what to buy organic

What staples do you get every week? 


6 thoughts on “Grocery Series Part I: What’s in my cart?

  1. S. D.

    First off, thank you for posting this. It’s very helpful. I plan on doing this soon as well. I’m surprised that there’s no avocado. It is avocado season and all!

  2. di @ life of di.

    I always get eggs, sweet potatoes, lettuce, oats, kale and peanut butter 🙂 Definitely staples in my diet. I eat a bowl of oats EVERY SINGLE DAY so I gotta keep stocked up! 🙂

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