Rustic Wedding Crafts

I really wish I have had more time for blogging….but the big day is keeping me pretty busy as of late. I am not a neat, creative and crafty person by nature…but then Pinterest came along. Every day I thank the lord that this doesn’t apply to me: Funny Confession Ecard: I had my wedding before I had Pinterest. I sound corny and cliché, but I am trying to create the ‘rustic country’ look for my wedding. I know, I know…unoriginal…leave me alone- it’s my wedding not yours. But I hope it will be cute….. Here is some stuff I’ve been working on.

Here’s what it looked like to begin with-  

chalkboard  chalkboard2 chalkboard4 


Another idea is the banner for the sweetheart table:   burlap-wedding-banner This tutorial was so easy!!! And that’s saying something…I usually mess things up.   It came out!!  I have yet to string it together so you have to wait to see the finished product. Another thing was the escort cards, which I’m not finished with yet. Here’s my inspiration:   source   To make the key tags look ‘vintage’,

escort cards

I brushed them with Olde English furniture polish until they get that faded look. Takes a couple of tries until you get the hang of it.   My mom (who has better handwriting than me) will write the guests’ names in calligraphy. I have fancy tack board things that I am attaching them to and setting up near the entrance of the venue.

These table numbers weren’t really inspired by anything, besides the chalkboard theme!   They were easy and inexpensive.


Annnnd we’re still working on the centerpieces. More on that later. Thank you Pinterest!!!! What would I do without you….. I am going to go into a dark depression when I cannot pin wedding stuff anymore. Until August 2nd…I’m pinning away. What wedding crafts have you found on Pinterest??? Let me know what I can add!!!


8 thoughts on “Rustic Wedding Crafts

  1. katiemoves

    Those look fantastic!!! I am also having a ‘rustic country wedding’!! So I am with you! I love all the ideas you have. I’m thinking lots of chalkboard paint is in my future

    I’m going to have mason jars with chalk tags for guests to write their name on and then they will have their cup for the night! 🙂

  2. Megan Sites

    I stumbled across your blog by searching peach/pistachio wedding colors — the Levkoff dresses caught my eye because my girls are wearing them too! I am a short 5 months away tomorrow and am in awe and obsessing over the pictures I am able to view on your blog about your wedding. I am extremely organized so right now the thought of all of the details to come has me borderline in flow-chart mode! Ha ha. Do you know why some of your pics may not show? Especially looking for your DIY and wedding party/you/hubby photos. Right now we are also planning the pistachio tie for the men and he will have a lighter tie and hopefully ivory shirt under, but I would LOVE to see what you worked together, but unfortunately it’s not showing on your website… let me know if it’s something on my end… but most of the pictures I can see… I just can’t in some categories. I am going to be at ease with all that you did, knowing I WILL GET THERE!! 🙂

    1. Andrea @ PencilsandPancakes Post author

      Hey! I’m sorry, when I switched to self-hosted I lost ALL of my pictures and am SLOWLY starting to build them back. I’ll update this post right now. As far as the pics of the men- most of the actual wedding posts- like “Bridal Party and Ceremony” or “Fist look” or “Reception and Details” should be up. Look under the wedding tab for those. So sorry that you couldn’t find what you wanted!

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