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When it comes to protein powder, I’ve been using a brand called designer whey for about a year now….it’s certainly tasty. But recently, after becoming more vigilant about what I put in my body, I decided it wasn’t the best.



I’ve been trying to avoid dairy because of it’s potential hormone disrupting qualities, and designer whey also has sugar and some other sketchy type ingredients in it.

That’s when I got the bright idea to get hemp protein powder. I thought- this is good for me. Omega 3’s, no sugar, just hemp seeds.


Buuuut it is DISGUSTING. I mean really nasty. I have to doctor it up with large amounts of cacao powder and peanut butter to make it tolerable.

I’ve just about decided to retire drinking protein shakes due to these unfortunate circumstances. They aren’t an example of real food.

I’ve toyed around with getting organic, grass fed whey but then I saw the price….

I know I should just give up protein shakes all together but they are so delicious!!!


Does anyone have any suggestions for a natural, organic dairy OR non-dairy, non-barf tasting protein powder you use (that won’t cost a fortune)?


14 thoughts on “Natural Protein Powder

  1. Fitcupcaker

    About Time protein powder is all natural- im not sure about it being organic though, it might be. Now it is not awesome either, but it tastes pretty good. If you are used to barf flavor, lol. this would prob work for you. I do really like it but its not my absolute favorite, probably because ive only tried the vanilla You could try it out. THey have some awesome flavors that I want to try like banana, cinnamon swirl, moccha mint!! here is the link :

  2. Eating 4 Balance

    This past fall I used protein powder all of the time. The main one that I used was brown rice protein powder. It’s easily the most digestible protein powder that I’ve found so far. I’m like you and don’t eat dairy so whey was out. Nutrobiotics and Jarrow are the top ones that I’d recommend. They have a sort of chalky taste though so I’d try to use them like you would flour. You could try making a batter-type smoothie or my favorite was banana protein breads. Two scoops of protein powder with a mashed banana, some baking powder or baking soda, and on some days a little water and sweetener/stevia. Microwave for a few minutes and it’s delicious!

    I have given up grains though for now so sadly I don’t use it anymore, but that provided some quick energy breakfasts for me during my first semester at college. Another good choice if you want to stay more paleo-esque would be pea protein powder. I’ve heard that it has a great flavor and if you look at the right websites not too bad of a price either!

  3. Her Happy Balance

    Warrior brand of protein is a vegan protein. I have used it in the past, the texture is a bit chalky but it doesn’t taste bad. Maybe if you doctor it up with a mushy banana or throw it in a smoothie it would be really good.

  4. rachelaugh

    I agree with the About Time protein powder…it’s what my crossfit Box recommended. I have the chocolate, and it’s dang good. I even mix it with just water post workout a lot. It’s got no fat, no sugar 24g of protein in a scoop and it’s 100% all natural WHEY. Good things! And it’s not all that expensive. $35 ish!

  5. eatgreatbegreat

    I use PlantFusion protein powder, which is a plant based protein supplement. It’s non-dairy, gluten free and it doesn’t contain. It tastes amazing and comes in lots of flavors. I have a sensitive stomach, but it doesn’t bother me at all. I use it every day is my smoothies!

  6. di @ life of di.

    I really like Designer Whey – I didn’t realize that it was sketchy 🙁 Looks like it’s time to change protein powders. I know I can’t combat all of the ‘sketchiness’ in my food; however, when I know for sure, I always like to change! Thanks for the info!

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