Holiday Fun

Fourth of July has got to be my favorite holiday…summer, sun, food….

We just got back from an exciting but exhausting weekend with family and friends. It’s a long and tiring drive but worth it! I feel absent from the blog world (as does everyone else probably…who has time to blog everyday on vaca??!?) so I thought I’d share some highlights through pictures.

We arrived in our hometown Thursday on the fourth. Austin wanted to visit a new local meat shop that was opening up near us so we went to check it out. It just opened, so all they had this week was meat and some prepared foods.

Side Hill Farmers

side hill

The market specializes in local, minimally processed meats  and they are, according to the person we talked to, going to have local produce and eggs and butter. I spotted some grass fed butter and pastured eggs while we were there. I plan on doing a full review with more pictures when I go home again for the wedding and they open up fully. Wish this store was near me. We picked up a couple of steaks to grill. All I have to say is…..


Ohhhh my goddddd 🙂 they were easily some of the best meat we have EVER eaten; not exaggerating. The taste was unprecedented…..and it also just made it that much better that I knew exactly the source of the meat and how it was raised and processed. Here’s what my plate looked like for the fourth:

Fourth of July Meal

Steak, grilled veggies and tomato and cucumber salad.

I wasn’t that good with my eating all weekend believe me!


The rest of the day was spent lounging in the sun and in my parent’s pond. That’s what the fourth of July is about!!



Caught some fireworks….


Dinner with friends…no pic of the food or us, just the view!



Breakfast one morning….I tried to eat well during our time home but inevitably I start my day out well then am confronted with BBQs and other social events. But I try not to stress out about it. Today it’s back to the wedding diet protocol!!

Overall it was a great weekend with great friends. Now I’m in wedding prep/stress mode. T-minus 26 days!!!

How did you spend your fourth?


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