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A lot of times I feel like I get really caught up in what is going on with my own life I don’t take time to be grateful and live in the moment. On a long bike ride Saturday morning while listening to an episode of Paleo Magazine Radio, George from Civilized Caveman Creations was talking about his campaign for a 29 year old man in need of a heart transplant. He described how he felt compelled to help this man who was in need of a heart transplant but had medical bills stacking up.  It reminded me of a friend who is in a similar medical situation. He is a friend of my husband’s who I don’t know well, but I know deserves a fair shot at getting the medical care he deserves.


My point is, I felt pretty crummy about stressing about closing on our house and agonizing over whether or not to eat a donut when there are people who don’t even have the option of living the healthy life they deserve. That being said, I wanted to include the link to my friend Pat’s donation page. Hopefully one of my 5 followers may feel compelled to give a little to his cause. He is awaiting a liver transplant, and you can read more about his story on the website. I know I don’t have that many followers on my blog (sorry Pat!), but I figured sharing it was better than not sharing it.

Even if you don’t donate, take the time to be thankful for the things you have, or think about a cause feel is worth donating to. It’s easy to get wrapped up in our own daily lives, but just taking a few moments to look around and be thankful for the gorgeous fall sunshine through the trees and all the other beautiful things in our lives is truly worth it.



3 thoughts on “Take a moment..

  1. Giselle@myhealthyhappyhome

    What a great point and something I think we all get caught up doing. Worrying about everyday things that some people don’t even have the chance to worry about. Or have so much bigger things to be concerned with. A great reminder and I hope you’re friend gets the transplant he needs soon!

  2. Alisha's Appetite

    Sad health scares for others such as your friends are the biggest reminders to be appreciate of what we have ourselves. Thanks for this reminder this morning, I needed it. I hope your friend gets the transplant, sending positive vibes.

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