Cutting down on caffeine

I used to read people blog posts with the same title and roll my eyes. The fact of the matter is I’m deathly scared of cutting coffee out of my life. I love it. But upon recommendation of a book I am reading, and trying to deal with some symptoms I am having, I am trying to wean myself to one cup of coffee a day.


It’s really no big deal…..I usually only drink 3-4 cups so cutting down to one should be a piece of cake right? Right?!?!?! Plus I really think I am more mentally addicted than physically. I just love the taste and the smell. So decaf would probably be good for me.

Today was day 1. Here’s what I noticed:

*Woke up at 5:30 am, did my workout. Everything normal because I don’t usually have my coffee until after breakfast.

*Ate breakfast with lemon water. Found myself unusually hungry.

*Had my one cup of coffee on the way to work.

*Got to work- sort of sluggish. Kids kept me on my toes.

*Planning period: VERY HARD to get work done. Found myself fiddling with my phone way too much.

*Lunch period: more hungry than usual.

*Afterschool: Exhaustion setting in.


Now it’s almost dinner time as I type this. I feel relatively normal, just a little more tired than usual. And hungry. I suspect this is because I usually use coffee to distract myself from eating.

I hope that I can stick with it. Try to ask me about it on my blog so I can be held accountable!!!

Have you ever tried to cut coffee out?


12 thoughts on “Cutting down on caffeine

  1. Kayla Hoffman

    You and me both! I typically only have 1 cup in the morning and it is ENTIRELY mental because I drank decaf while pregnant and had the same cravings for it. There is just something about a warm cup and the smell! It literally calms me right down. Wait…isn’t that the opposite of it’s intentions?

  2. di @ life of di.

    I tried to cut coffee out after my honeymoon last summer and lasted three days. I never realized how addicted I was until that point. Nowadays, the amount I drink will vary. Some days it’s only a cup or so and other days I’ll drink an entire pot. I’m not sure how I’ll ever last during a pregnancy; I can’t imagine going a day without it! AH!

  3. Alisha's Appetite

    Awwww man that would be hard!! What if you tried replacing all of the coffee you used to drink with hot green tea? It’s just a teeny bit of caffeine and might keep you as full as coffee used to?

  4. Amie

    Omg I did try to cut out coffee once before and I had the worst headaches ever. What kind of symptoms were you having? Good luck and I hope it gets easier 🙂

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