WIAW: Easy Dinner Sides


I know that I really only do sporadic WIAW posts…however sometimes I end up with a bunch of pictures of food on my phone that I feel the need to awkwardly take…so might as well do something with them! If you haven’t checked out Jen’s blog yet- go now!  I don’t really have a full day of food to share, but looking through my pictures got me thinking about easy dinner sides that I frequently make.

Generally for dinner, I have a central “meat” and unless it’s a stir fry or curry, 2-3 sides I make to go along with it. I have a semi-picky husband…who so far I’ve really had to train in order to eat some veggies…but there are still some that he won’t eat. So therefore I generally have to make three sides for a dinner: one crossover one we’ll both eat and then another one for me and him respectively (not the most convenient thing but I love to cook so I don’t mind). It’s generally white potatoes or boxed mac and cheese I make for him and another veggie for me I make. Other sides include:

Sautéed or roasted cabbage


Roasted broccoli


Roasted cauliflower with cocoa and chili powder

Green beans with onions and garlic


Mashed cauliflower

Carrot Fries **we have these weekly!

Carrot Fries2

Sweet potato rounds (or fries)



Roasted or steamed Brussels sprouts


Really the possibilities are endless. I never understand why people say they don’t like vegetables….obviously they’re doing it wrong! It never occurred to me to put recipes up for any of these since a lot are pretty simple but I guess looking at them now I will. Let me know if you have any questions about any of the sides until then!

What are your go-to dinner sides?

What creative ways do you like to cook vegetables? I put cinnamon on everything!!


10 thoughts on “WIAW: Easy Dinner Sides

  1. catfoodisgoodforyou

    I’ve just discovered how great roasted veggies are compared to my usual cooking methods (stir-fry or microwave – it’s all about speed!) so I’m doing that as much as possible – and they all get doused with cinnamon too!

  2. Madison @ Eating 4 Balance

    Cocoa and chili powder sounds like such an interesting combo for seasonings! Kind of like when people add cocoa to their chili?

    I think that’s hilarious that you have to make so many sides per meal. That’s so awesome of you 🙂

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