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I guess I should acknowledge that my blog turned a year old the other day! Happy Birthday Pencils and Pancakes! It’s weird that I’ve more or less been documenting my life on the internet for a year. Sometimes I feel self conscious. A lot of people who have never heard of what a blog is or are unfamiliar with it don’t understand why anyone would want to do post their life on the internet, or constantly be taking pictures of food to post….but all I know is I enjoy blogging, reading others’ blogs, and writing. So I’ll keep doing it for now!!! I know…you were worried 😉

Since my blog is a year old I though I’d run down some of my favorite and most popular posts from the last year:



Sometimes I doubt if I should continue blogging about teaching, since I feel like the blog has morphed into more of a food blog, but teaching posts continue to be what people searching come for. So I’ll be happy to throw up a couple teaching related posts a month.

How to teach counterclaim

Book unit on Micheal Pollan’s Omnivore’s Dilemma



Over the past year I have been experimenting with the Paleo diet. I love how it makes me feel! Although I don’t stick to it 100% of the time. Here are some of my favorite recipes from the past year (not all of them are Paleo).

Paleo Cereal

Butternut Squash and Chicken Curry over Coconut Cauliflower Rice

Spinach and Garlic Pizza

Grilled banana and peanut butter stuffed french toast

Spicy Roasted Carrot Fries <<I make these at least once a week

Game Day Treats: Roasted red pepper poppers



Quest Bar Review

Gordon Biersch Brewery and Restaurant Review


pro 10

Pros and Cons of planning a wedding on Pinterest

Rustic Wedding Crafts

Bachelorette Party

Ceremony and Bridal Party

Miscellaneous Favorite Posts

What to buy organic

How to grocery shop on a budget using coupons

Working out in the morning: pros and cons

How to change your mindset and become happier


WOW it’s kind of fun to look at all the posts and reflect over the past year. I haven’t really taken the time to re-read much of my blog. Anyways, for the 2-3 people that might read this blog 2 of which include my husband and mother, thanks for reading! Next goal is trying to get this baby self hosted. It scares me whenever I think about it…any tips?

Do you ever go back and read your own blog posts?

How hard is going to self hosted? BE HONEST!!!


4 thoughts on “Favorite Posts

  1. The Cookie ChRUNicles

    Happy anniversary! I made the switch to self-hosted and I can’t say it is super hard, it is more of an on-going learning process. I found it worth it to pay WordPress for the guided transfer and would advise anyone to do the same.

  2. Alisha's Appetite

    Happy blogiversary!!! I like going back and rereading old posts although sometimes they scare me., it’s fun to see how much I’ve grown in the short amount of time I’ve been blogging! Glad you’re not going anywhere!

  3. Madison @ Eating 4 Balance

    I’ve heard from some that it is incredibly easy to go self-hosted, and then from others that it is incredibly hard. I don’t know who to believe but I tend to be pessimistic about these sorts of things. My hope is to do it before 2014. We’ll see. You go first 😉

    I reread posts a lot. Sometimes I’m impressed by myself and other times I’m in horror that I actually published that post (again, there’s the pessimist in me!).

    Happy 1 year blogiversary! Such an incredible accomplishment to be doing something for a whole year. Here’s to another good one 🙂

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