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Majestic Elegance Punta Cana

I am finally getting around to sharing my honeymoon! Really I just want to look at pictures while re-living it…but I thought it would be cool to share some of the food, sights and things to do at Majestic Elegance Punta Cana. We went there at the suggestion of my sister in law, who is a travel agent. Check out her site for more recommendations!

The resort is in the Dominican Republic. This was my first time going to an all inclusive resort, or to the Caribbean at all. It was beautiful! We had a Jacuzzi suite and the pool with a swim up bar was right outside out doorstep. You literally went out the sliding grass door and the pool was right in our “back yard”. That was probably my favorite part of it all.



Jacuzzi in the room!

We had butlered service, but it really didn’t end up amounting to much. Our butler had “vacation” for most of the time we were there, and even when he was there, we didn’t really feel the need to bother him with little things like getting us towels or reserving us a beach spot. Most days there were plenty of sun beds available at the pools or on the beach. At Majestic Elegance there were two private pools available to the Elegance Club members only, then there was a main group pool with a wet bar. We stuck to the private pools.

Sun Beds on the beach

Sun Beds at the pool

We stayed at Majestic Elegance which is the adults only section of the resort. In the same vicinity is the Majestic Colonial which is a more family friendly option. I seriously got lost and couldn’t tell the difference between the two of them until one day we got kicked out of the buffet because we were on the wrong side. Whoops!

Which brings me to the food….not my favorite part, unfortunately. Obviously, you know I like food. And recently, I’ve become educated regarding where my food comes from and making sure I not only eat healthy but from good sources. An all inclusive resort is not the best place to me when you’re worried about the sources and quality of your food. Just saying. Some people are fine with it. Some people don’t go on vacation to eat. Generally, I do. So the food situation did not make me happy, but we made do.

There were seven restaurants categorized into generic, American-ized versions of Italian, Japanese, Steak House (so corny and cliche), French, Seafood and 2 buffets. I would say the best food was at the Italian or French. But best pretty much means mediocre. It screamed generic and un-authentic.

One of the best things I ate- tiramisu from the Italian place. I don’t even have any other pictures of food- that’s how bad it was!! And you know I like taking pictures of my food.

Oh well, the food was only one part of it. Some of the best food we actually ate was when we went on an excursion to a private island and had some authentic Dominican BBQ pork and rice. After complaining all week I wanted a drink out of a coconut, got ripped off by some guy selling them. $5 for extra rum!


The island was beautiful. And so was the resort.




Have you ever been to an all inclusive resort? How was the food?

How important is food to you on vacation?


Character Trait Anchor Chart

Checking in to share some of the stuff I’ve been doing in my classroom. Today we learned about mood and tone. This is always a difficult concept for students to grasp. I feel like every English teacher teaches it and the students then forget it.every.year.

Last year I came up with a special hand motion trick for how to get students to remember mood and tone.

MOOD= MOVES (how it moves you)- Wiggle your arms

TONE= TELL (how the narrator tells it)- Put hands to mouth in a megaphone style.

The students laugh at me wiggling my arms around and think it’s goofy. Hand motions and auditory techniques really work for memory so I am hoping it gets them to remember it a little better. I also made an anchor chart so they can reference it in the classroom when I ask them what the tone/mood of a particular piece is.


The purpose of an anchor chart is to give the students the support they need while learning a concept. They might know what mood is but struggle coming up with a word to describe it. All year they can look on this chart. Then when they get to the test *hopefully* one will pop in their heads.

Character Trait Anchor Chart

Another thing students struggle with is finding words to describe characters. I need students to come up with words other than “happy” and “sad” to describe a character. So after a lesson the other day where students were having trouble thinking of words, I made this to hang up:


I separated the words into “positive” words (happy face) and negative words (sad face).

Hopefully this helps students think of some better 8th grade words to use when describing characters.

What are some useful anchor charts you have in your classroom?