Christmas Cookies 2013

Time to run down the inventory on the cookies I ended up making this year! I can’t wait for the next five days and all the amazing friends, family and food that will be involved.

Today was the last day of school before two weeks off and the kids were INSANE!!!! That’s an understatement. They were able to pull it together though this year to decorate our door again:


Those were real branches left over from my tree!

They didn’t win the pizza party but I decided to make them cookies since they worked so hard on it.


Great brownie recipe from The Foodie Army Wife. I might have sampled a couple.


So I realized as I packed all of my goodies today to bring to co workers and to bring home for presents that I made a TON of Christmas cookies:

Spritz- finally figured out how to use that cookie press!!! It took a couple times. I didn’t realize that I had to stick the press down on the cookie sheet to actually make it work.


Pineapple Macadamia Nut Bars


White chocolate fig Paleo cookies made with lard!


Roasted almond and coconut chocolate bark- omg this was good.


They’re ready to be boxed up and given as gifts!!!


Other gifts I put together…sorry for the spoiler if you get one!!!!!


Oh fun…I love Christmas and I am getting better at baking after this year! So excited to celebrate and share all my goodies!!!

What cookies did you make this year?

What cookies look the best? I think the chocolate bark and the fig ones were my favs.


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