Merry Christmas 2013

I feel amazingly blessed about all the love in my life right now. Every Christmas I feel blown away with the gifts that people get me. I feel as if it’s so unnecessary. Some favorites…. a new camera!! No more using my IPhone for pictures for the blog! Yay!


I know it’s not the best picture…I still have to learn how to use it! I also cashed in with the Paleo cookbook department…


That is a terrible picture. Not sure why. I guess I have to read the manual.

I think I will be set for all of this year with Paleo recipes……I am seriously thinking about recommitting myself to this whole foods things 100%. The more and more I let myself indulge and eat crap, the worse I feel. While I know it’s not healthy to dwell on it and let myself feel guilty, I feel like I owe it to myself to be committed to only putting quality food in my body.


I am so blessed to have loving friends and family in my life that are for the most part in good health. I know that in order to be healthy I have to dedicate myself to nourishing my body with whole foods. I say this as I enter a sugar coma. From this:

Lindt White Chocolate Coconut Pineapple


It’s been a long year and I feel like the transition to whole foods and “paleo” eating has been a slow process. I plan on blogging about the whole process soon….It doesn’t happen over night, and I feel like I’m at the point where I can take it to the next level. Right after I finish that candy bar….

Anyways, I’ve been absent from blogging scene for the last couple of days, but I assume that everyone else has. I was just dropping by to brag about how lucky I am and thank everyone in my life..


We had a big Christmas brunch today and I made something yummy…the recipe will be coming in a few days! I might get to it in the next, oh you know, week and a half I have off of work 😉

Merry Christmas Everyone! I have to go read my cookbooks and study how to use my camera.

What was your favorite gift/food you ate?

Do you think you could eat 100% paleo?



5 thoughts on “Merry Christmas 2013

  1. Giselle@myhealthyhappyhome

    Sounds like a wonderful Christmas! Especially the Paleo cookbooks 🙂 I have Against All Grain and LOVE it! As you know I eat mainly paleo and love it. I don’t restrict myself 100% if I feel like indulging in something non-paleo like wine, dairy or the occasional sugar treat. However, I’ve learned the consequences of said treats like my gluten baby I posted on Instagram the other day 🙂 It is definitely a process to make the switch but so worth it!
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    1. Andrea @ PencilsandPancakes Post author

      I’m not saying I won’t indulge a little bit…but I am thinking about becoming more strict with when I decide to do that. A few M & Ms from the counter at work aren’t worth it…..and I feel like I am making concessions for other people when I feel obligated to eat food they’ve cooked. I feel like I don’t have the right to refuse because I don’t have an allergy or something. Yet other people have no problem telling me they won’t eat something I’ve made because they “don’t like mushrooms” or whatever. So I think I need to have more confidence when it comes to that!!

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