2013 Highlights

I know I know, so cliché. I wasn’t going to do one of these posts then I was looking at old posts and noticed I did do one in 2012. So I started looking through my I-phone pictures. And then one thing led to another…and here we are.

Instead of talking about how truly amazing 2013 (I mean I got married, went on my honeymoon AND bought a house), I made a couple of picture collages. Gets the job done. Happy New Year everyone!

2013 1

From Top Left Clockwise- Camden bridal shower, me and Al at my bachelorette party :), house warming barn party, honeymoon, wedding, Frank ready to move to our new house, New York State Fair and O.A.R concert, Syracuse bridal shower, Niagara Falls (American side sucks). 


2013 2

From Top Left Clockwise– Finally moving into our new house in October, first Christmas tree cut from our backyard, our backyard in the fall, Karley, Ryan and Clover’s visit, new house again, Christmas with Frank!, cousins before my Papa’s funeral, Dresser Rand Christmas party, honeymoon (ahhhh why can’t I be there now)


Seriously, what a great year! I could go on and on however I think that’s enough for now.

Happy New Year!


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