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The other day at work I set out to find a solution to the current time consuming way I plan lessons. I’ve worked at many different schools and sometimes I have been required to write and submit lesson plans and sometimes it is not required. When I worked at a school that required it for two years I just got into the habit. I know it is time consuming and many veteran teachers scoff at it, but I feel like writing out my lesson plans traditionally (like it was required to in college) helps me know the end goal of the lesson. I’m always the type of person who likes to plan things out. So even though my current school doesn’t require it, I still do it.

For the past three years my method has been this:

1. Type up the lesson plan on a format that my former school gave us. Print it out and give it to my co-teachers.


2. Name the lesson plan Unit: #1 (sequential number for each lesson).

3. Go over to my notebook planner and label the calendar for each lesson (Ex: On a certain date, write “Anne Frank #4”)

4. Place the lesson and all materials for the lesson in order in a large binder labeled with the year.


Exhausting. And easy to get behind on. So that’s why I needed an easier way. It took me awhile because sometimes I get so ingrained in habits it’s hard to try something new. But I’m glad I did! I found this website and app, Planboard, that I can use and combines all the things I have been doing into one.

You can type up the lesson and add common core standards automatically. This was a pain in the butt before, I was actually copying and pasting the standards from a PDF that the state gave us.

You can look through the database of common core standards, or add your own.


This puts each lesson you type up on the specified day. Eliminating my need to go between my binder and my lesson plan book. ALSO you can print all the lessons at once, or you can email them. So this means I can email them to my co-teachers without having to print and hunt them down. Awesome.


Glad I could share this tool with my fellow teachers. It takes a minute of playing around with it to figure it out but I promise it’s well worth it. Oh….did I mention it’s FREE. That’s the best thing. Because through my searching the other day I found many of these tools and this was the only one that was free.

Does your school require you to do lesson plans?

Any cool digital planning tools I should know about?



3 thoughts on “Planboard: Digital planning tool for teachers

  1. Jan @ Sprouts n Squats

    That looks like such a great tool to use. I’m not a teacher but one of my good friends here is and I’m sure she’d love something like that.

    To help me stay organised both at work and at home I always set reminders in my outlook so the reminders come up on my phone 🙂
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  2. Stacy Dawes

    I have been utilizing Edmodo as a class web page. It’s really made managing my classes so much easier. I can go on and on about the benefits (organization, drop box, parent overview, apps, grammar practice tailored to the students use, discussion boards, grade book, etc.)

    It’s fantastic.

    Also, I found which is a web-based phone call feature (remember how we had to call for “every absence” ???? Well now I can call. During class, I take attendance and then send out a voicemail blast. It’s been a life saver for me – and some parents get the message and then call the kids on their cell phones. (Kids have been coming in late rather than skipping. 🙂 It creates an excel spreadsheet to print out for calls, and tells you if the call went to voicemail or was ignored (tries 3x if no answer). It gives you a graph and keeps records for 90 days. The service is free, but it’s more effective if you “buy” credits. If you recommend the service to someone else and they sign up you get “50 free credits” (I currently have over 700 credits – each call is a credit). Think of how many times you have to call home to say something simple and it takes 40 minutes to say that simple thing….

    1. Andrea @ PencilsandPancakes Post author

      OMG that sounds amazing….I don’t have the same issue with attendance as I did at Utica obviously, but I could do it if I kid didn’t have his homework!

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