3 Phase Paleo: Review

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I am thrilled to be able to read and review The Paleo Parent’s new e-book 3 Phase Paleo.. I’ve been following Stacy and Matt on Instagram, Facebook and I also listen to her podcast weekly and am a big fan. When I heard about the e-book 3 Phase PaleoI thought it was a great idea, because so many people I try to tell about Paleo say “I could never give up all that.” It just seems like a lot for someone eating the SAD to just cold turkey give up grains, alcohol, sugar AND dairy. The 3 phase approach helps a newbie easily transition. It’s kind of an innovative approach to the Paleo lifestyle. But in all honesty doing SOMETHING is always better than doing nothing, right?


Three Phases from 3 Phase Paleo by Paleo Parents

Step 1: Remove gluten, processed foods and refined sugar foods

Step 2: Gradually eliminate grains, dairy, legumes and processed oils

Step 3: Try introducing healing foods like bone broth and organ meats


I like this approach because when someone who eats a SAD (standard American diet) sees you cooking up your sardines with lard, or frying up some turkey livers, naturally they will be scared off. But when you give people options to transition in without feeling like they need to be “perfect” to do it right. I think the thing that frustrates me the most when I try to pitch the Paleo lifestyle to people (no it’s not a diet) is that it seems like if you’re not perfect, there’s no point in doing it. That’s not true at all. You can make small changes gradually and still make a difference. For instance, I’ve been doing this for about a year and just recently have started becoming curious about organ meat. I also have not cut everything out at once. Transitioning to this type of lifestyle is a process, not something that happens over night, and I think Stacy and Matt have now made this process seem practical, less elusive, and do-able since it is now written down on paper. They even include handy guides on different ingredient swaps, similar to the 21 Day Sugar Detox, product recommendations and Nut-Free and Egg-Free recipes.

The only qualm I had with the book is it seems like A LOT of the recipes included bacon (duh- these are the Beyond Bacon people…they’re pork experts). Not that I don’t love bacon, but in my area it is hard to find nitrite & hormone free bacon and when I do find it it isn’t cheap. Plus pastured, hormone free or not, it’s not the greatest to be loading up on bacon 24/7 in my opinion. And I feel like Paleo gets a lot of crap for being  the “bacon” diet. So I don’t want to contribute to that false perception.

Not that I’m doubting all the recipes that include bacon would be absolutely delicious- it’s just that I can’t afford bacon that’s worth it and if you omit the bacon in many of the recipes I’m assuming they wouldn’t be as good (obviously).

Bacon woes aside, this book is highly recommended for ANYONE trying to dip their toes into the Paleo lifestyle. If it scares you, this book may be the place to start. You don’t have to do everything at once! Anything that will convince people that living and eating this way is WORTH it I am a total fan of!

The recipe that I made last night from the book DID have bacon! I couldn’t resist. I found some Whole 30 compliant bacon at a local organic food store and decided to use it. Although the recipe calls for beef bacon I used plain ‘ol pork. It was yummy! We had it for dinner last night but I could easily see it making a great brunch recipe.

bacon casserole 3 phase paleo




bacon casserole

 Disclaimer: If you choose to purchase the e-book through one of my affiliate links, I do receive a portion of the sales. The e-book was provided to me free of charge, however all opinions and recommendations are my own.

What do you think the most challenging thing about eating Paleo would be? (or is)


12 thoughts on “3 Phase Paleo: Review

  1. Karey @ Nutty About Health

    I like the gradual approach they use. When I went over to Paleo I started with the Whole 30 & then just kept on from there, so it wasn’t all that difficult for me. When I tell family & other people about Paleo they always say “oh, I couldn’t give up that”… “no bread?”. LOL This book would be a good approach for them.
    Karey @ Nutty About Health recently posted…WIAW: On The GoMy Profile

    1. Andrea @ PencilsandPancakes Post author

      I know sometimes it seems like I’m living in two worlds…the world online where I’m normal for eating this way and then the real world….it’s like nobody even stops to think what they’re putting in their mouths affects their health!

  2. Madison @ Eating 4 Balance

    I thought the paleo phase book looked great! I love the Paleo Parent’s blog. I need to get back into listening to their podcast with The Paleo Mom too.

    That’s so cool that you got to review their new book!

    I agree with the bacon comment. It would be great if we had some good options around here. There are a few that are nitrite free, but still have a ton of not so awesome ingredients.
    Madison @ Eating 4 Balance recently posted…BBQ Chicken PizzaMy Profile

  3. Robin McCardell

    I have been eating Paleo since July of last year. My husband and 13 year old boy are having a hard time joining me. I would use the book to help me phase them in slowly so that we can all be a part of the Paleo journey and enjoy the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

  4. Giselle@myhealthyhappyhome

    I’ve been eyeing that book since it came out! Love the Paleo Parents and also listen to their podcast! I think the most challenging thing about Paleo is dining out with others that aren’t Paleo or don’t understand it. It’s fine to make all my modifications and substitutions when I’m with my hubby but with others I always feel like a pain in the a**!
    Giselle@myhealthyhappyhome recently posted…Paleo Green Enchilada Casserole and Weekly Meal PlanMy Profile

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