Inside Out and Back Again Final Projects

I’m sitting here this morning enjoying a leisurely breakfast thanks to the snow! Two hour delay for me! I initially become stressed when faced with snow days and delays because that means less time into an already packed schedule to get my kids ready for the NYS test in April. However there is nothing I can do about weather so I might as well just enjoy my free time. It means I finally get to blog about the amazing projects my kids did for the final unit for Inside out and Back Again!

This was a NYS module unit that I decided to try….although I have mixed feelings about teaching a scripted unit, I really did enjoy the book. The “script” provided a final project for the students in which they had to research refugees and create a ‘story’ of a refugee in poem form. I decided to give them more options than just the poem and let some of the technology my school is blessed to have help them with this task.


I included not only the poem option, but a collage, digital collage, and digital interview that the students recorded. Some of the students even made professional-like documentary videos pretending to ‘interview’ the refugee. I can’t include those on here because they show students’ faces 🙁 But overall I thought the students did a great job and I got some good work back. Here’s some of the best!

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2 thoughts on “Inside Out and Back Again Final Projects

  1. Jordon @ Life is Better Messy

    Hi! I love this project. My 5th graders are doing a literature study of R.J. Palacio’s “Wonder” right now. We are focusing on “theme” and I want their final project to include multimedia. Do you have any suggestions? I’m open to anything! We created book advertisements after our last book, so I want to mix things up!

    Jordon []

    1. Andrea @ PencilsandPancakes Post author

      I’ve never read that book….if your school has access to computers you could check out Prezi- if you’ve never heard of it it’s kinda of like powerpoint but better.…..or Haiku Deck is a great presentation app for the Ipads (not sure if you’re school has them). For this project, we used digital editing Ipad apps like Moldiv, Pic Collage and Instablend. I actually asked the kids what ones we should use before starting the project!

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