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Something I’ve never done before

Okay I am really grasping at straws for a blog post…..but I thought this might be fun. Today in school I met with my creative writing club. It’s not all the time I get the fiction writing bug in me. I really feel that I am just not that good at it. I try, and I had a lot of fun with it in high school, however I don’t feel worthy of trying to pursue it professionally. When I was younger I would write all the time. I have stacks and stacks of journals, notebooks, diaries- you name it- dating back to 5th grade. How awesome is it to read my writing and know what I was doing and feeling and thinking in 5th grade?!?!? Speaking of fifth grade, guess what book I read last night when I couldn’t fall asleep- and I am obsessed with it. 

Judy Blume!!!!! I remember reading her in middle school. I am such a dork but….Oh my God this book is amazing, and I just realized it was a movie. I realized that I literally have read ONE fiction book last year. ONE. All the others were non-fiction about farming and food. So maybe I need a little inspiration in order to get writing fiction again.

Anyway, I’m not going to post something I wrote in 5th grade, that would be infinitely embarrassing. Mostly I wrote about how I was too nervous to ask the boy I liked to square dance, or pretending I was Harriet the Spy (come on…I’m not the only one am I?). But I was going through one of my more recent journals and found a couple of good pieces that surprised me. My problem is I can’t sit down and write lengthy writing pieces. I’m good at character sketches (which is what this is) or short stories, but even then I struggle with plot line and conflict. The only way to get better is to practice….that is part of why I started this blog! I don’t plan on posting fictional pieces up here regularly (unless people are interested?!?), but I thought it might be fun today….because I am really just exhausted and in flipping through my camera there is absolutely nothing to even remotely make up a coherent blog post. It’s the week after break, I haven’t slept, and I am miserable. So here’s a little fiction read for you:


It was six summers ago that Jake had broken his arm trying to convince their cat Miles to come down from his very oak tree that Minny was currently perched in. Since then the oak had grown, and so had the fracture in Jake’s arm. Minny knew that Carol and John would be very upset with her hiding here, but she also knew they would never find out. Their attention never lingered on her for more than the time it took to figure out if she had eaten, and to command she go to bed.  No one had even looked up at Minny in the last month and four days that she had been sitting in the oak, every day from three until six o’clock, when Carol arrived home and poured her first of many gin and seltzers. She liked to watch people. Going for a jog in the hot afternoon air after a long day at work. Walking briskly to maybe their second job. Or the gym. Sometimes she liked to imagine they were all rushing to the same place. A very important meeting. Or, they were all rushing and hurrying and looking stressed out just so they could go home and crawl into bed.

The woman with the black curls had walked by every day Minny had been in the oak. She seemed to be looking for something. Obviously, she never found it because here she was……every day at 5:15 she strolled down the park sidewalk looking anxious. Was she waiting for someone? While everyone else seemed rushed, occupied, she seemed expectant. Minny imagined that she waiting for the love of her life. Maybe she was delusional. Maybe her husband had been killed in Iraq and this was where she met him. She came every day at 5:15 expecting him to be here. But he never showed. The girl must be crazy, Minny decided. When was she going to face the fact that her husband was never coming home?

Minny yawned and checked the sun for the time. Carol had still not bought her a cell phone. All the other third graders at Smith Elementary were toting razor thin touch screens. This was standard for Capstil County. Carol told her that there was nothing in the world that a third grader would really need a cell phone for. Judging by the relief of the heat the day had reached it’s climax. The sun had begun it’s descent. Any minute now the girl with black curls would be meandering by, once again looking for something that could not be found. 

Minny yawned again and closed her eyes. There was a heat lighting storm last night, keeping her up hours past the eight o clock bedtime Carol had set for her. The sooner she got into bed, the sooner Carol didn’t have to pay attention to her, and most nights she stayed up late watching the glow in the dark stars on her bedroom ceiling fade. Once in awhile she would hear a muffled argument. Even with her ears out the screaming seemed to find a way to penetrate her soul. It was nights when Carol and John would run around the house in a drunken rage, hurling antique vases and throwing the contents of a dresser out the window, that Minny was glad she was not able to hear.


Do you ever write fiction?

Did you keep journals when you were a kid?


What does a school teacher do on vacation?

I bet you always wanted to know! No? Well I’ll show ya anyways. It’s back to school today for me. And it sucks. But don’t feel sorry for me. I got two full weeks off. It’s hard to go back but in order to get a great relaxing vacation you have to put in the work somehow! Whenever I get depressed about going back to work after a long break I remember to be thankful I have such a great job!

Anyway, after Christmas ended and we were able to go back to our own house it ended up being a very relaxing 2nd week of break. Putting on actual pants didn’t happen much. That’s how you know it’s good. Some days, I would step it up from sweatpants to leggings- but that was pushing it 😉

I got to rearrange my kitchen….

kitchen counter

I also hung some new decor we got for Christmas


Love the homemade burlap sign from my sister! The sign below it is from our wedding 🙂

Obviously did a lot of cooking. Check out my Paleo cookbook swag:

Paleo cookbooks

Tried out some great recipes in these:

21 day sugar detox cookbook

carrot apple skillet from 21 dsd cookbook

Carrot Apple Skillet from 21 Day Sugar Detox Cookbook. That glob is coconut butter. Yum. Also tried her southwest breakfast skillet. OMG.

southwest breakfast bowl sugar detox cookbook

And the Yankee pot roast from Nom Nom Paleo:

yankee pot roast from Nom Nom Paleo

Had to make way for all the fun kitchen stuff I got for Christmas including canning supplies and some new foodie items:


Flavored raw honey! I was eating this with a spoon. The rest will have to wait though because I just started a Whole 30 the other day! More on that later….

This weekend Austin and I went out to our backyard to take down tree stands. It was frigid but kinda pretty!


Anyway, hopefully you’re reading this Monday and I’m still at home because of the next snow storm that’s supposed to hit and cause a snow day. Please!!!?? Haha, just kidding.

Anyone cook out of any of these cookbooks yet? What do you like?

What are you tips for getting back into the swing of things after a long break?


Since when is being healthy unhealthy?

I’ve been thinking about writing this post ever since I read Becky at Olives and Wine’s post last week about intuitive eating not working for her. I’m not really sure how to word it.I also thought it would go well with Amanda’s Thinking Out Loud link up.. I am definitely thinking out loud on this one! Please know-  I love the blogging community and I don’t want to come off the wrong way. I certainty don’t mean to single anyone out but I also want to get my thoughts out there. I would just like to generate discussion about something I have been noticing about blogs lately.


Last year when I started blogging and discovered the blogging community, most blogs I read were of girls who posted their healthy lifestyles and workout plans. I found this inspiring, and it really helped me create a healthy lifestyle and felt like I was part of a community. It was normal to post a workout, or a “healthy” recipe. Over the past couple of months, though I feel like the blogging world has shifted into this mentality that if you’re trying to be healthy or restricting in anyway, you have an eating disorder, or it’s not good for you. This has lead me to notice many  more bloggers proclaiming to eat and posting copious amounts of unhealthy food all in the name of what they call “intuitive eating”.

Chocolate Kiss Cookies

Believe me…I ate enough Christmas cookies for the entire HLB community this year….

If intuitive eating works for you….great! Keep doing it. I seriously mean that. I even contemplated it for a couple of months. I even justified eating things because of it. I’d reach for a piece of chocolate and say “This is healthy! I’m being intuitive!” Hey I think I even talked about it once in a post.  I think something we forget in the blogging world a lot is that not one thing works for everyone. That’s why it’s so difficult and possibly detrimental to compare our eating habits and gauge them against ours and determine if it’s normal.

kale and eggs for breakfast

I love nourishing my body with delicious, whole foods that make me feel amazing

All of a sudden, I thought that if I posted a healthy recipe or wrote about how I was doing a sugar detox, I was questioning whether I was “disordered” or unhealthy. Since when is trying to eat healthy unhealthy!?!? I am so confused! The weird thing is I never would have thought trying to eat healthy was ‘disordered’ if it wasn’t for reading blogs! It’s all about perspective.  I’m suddenly questioning whether or not something that makes me feel good is good because of what other people say. But I shouldn’t focus on other people. I should focus on what works for me. It’s messing with my head, I’ll tell ya! I miss when eating healthy was healthy!!!!

21 Day Sugar Detox Cookbook

Can’t wait to use these new Paleo books!

I understand that the stress that trying to restrict and count calories and worry and feel guilty about eating is a real problem- believe me I deal with it all the time. I think it’s pretty much normal. But I don’t think it controls my life. For some people it does, and for them intuitive eating is probably a good thing. It just doesn’t work for me. I’ve learned I’m sort of an “all or nothing” person. I can’t just do “everyone in moderation” or “try to eat healthier”. That’s why I like Paleo because it gives me parameters on my eating. And eating Paleo, even though it does restrict food groups, is NOT unhealthy! I’m sorry! It’s not about losing weight…I eat massive amounts of good food. It’s about putting nourishing foods into my body and taking care of it. That is healthy for me.

Eating things like Christmas cookies, ice cream and drinking make me feel like poo. If I want to eat those things- I eat them. Believe me….I do not restrict! I deal with the consequences of feeling like crap the next day and move on. Every day is a new day. I feel freaking AMAZING when I eat well and work out. And that’s what makes me happy. So that’s what I am going to do. So call me unhealthy or disordered if you want….but this is what works for me!

Thoughts? When does the line between being healthy and an unhealthy obsession with food begin to blur?

What is your food philosophy?