Why a personal trainer is worth the money

This weekend I read a post over at Athena’s blog, Fitness and Feta, about the dangers of online fitness challenges. It ind of sparked something in me and inspired me to think out loud today….thanks for the link up Amanda!


With all the fitness blogs, DVDs, websites, and fitness pics on Pinterest, you probably think that hiring a personal trainer, or seeking professional advice regarding your workouts is definitely not worth the high price tag. I’ll admit, I never used to think so. But as a I recently discussed, I have been working out with a personal trainer since the beginning of December. It is definitely one of my largest monthly bills. Why shell out all that money when I can just go online to Pinterest or someone’s blog and get any type of workout you could imagine? I’ll tell you why!


Don’t even get me started on running- it’s been ages since I have been able to run.


I am not a fitness professional! I don’t know the proper techniques on what muscles to work this day, or how many reps to do for endurance/strength, etc. The only thing I know about fitness is what exercises work what muscles. That’s pretty much it. Once upon a time every day I went onto Pinterest and picked a workout to do. Something that sounded hard- like it would tire me out. I did that most days. And guess what? I injured myself.

I injured myself so badly from pushing myself doing workouts without supervision that I will probably be dealing with the injury for the rest of my life. You know how when you read blogs there is a disclaimer- yeah that’s there for a reason.

There might be plenty of qualified, knowledgeable individuals or bloggers who post daily workouts and things. And I’m not discounting their knowledge at all. I’m just saying that doing one workout from one blog on one day, then picking up a DVD and doing something else the next may work the same muscles you did the day before- and puts you at risk for an overuse injury. An overuse injury is one that put stress on a certain part of the body a little at a time over a long period of time. Common examples are jumpers knee, tendonitis, stress fractures, and issues associated with ligament laxity (which is what I have in my back/hip).

Working out means putting stress on the body. And if you’re not doing it in a responsible, calculated, strategic way under the supervision of a professional, you’re liable to hurt yourself. It’s things like this I see on Pinterest (that I literally used to do) that scare me:

15 min workout

Burpees and squat press are exercises that, if you aren’t doing them in the proper form, can be very detrimental to the same muscle groups.

no nonsense circuit

I’m pretty sure over-doing lunge jumps, squat jumps and burpees is how I ended up with my injury: SI Joint Dysfunction.


I can’t stand high-rep fitness challenge things I see on Pinterest. Doing 100-200 squats a day probably isn’t the best thing.

Again I am not trying to discount anyone who has ever put up one of these on her blog (I did too!!) I am just saying that when it comes to your body, and especially those who are lifting heavy weights, it might be best to seek the advice of a professional. There are plenty of blogs that offer affordable, online based personal training too- and I think that’s great. I think it’s great if you have a professional advising you with a workout plan and schedule. That way you know you are not over using one muscle group and they can instruct you on the proper form.

I unfortunately know from experience that it IS worth it to shell out the money for at least a program designed by a professional, if not a personal trainer. I urge you to consider this before you just grab another workout from Pinterest to do!

Thoughts? Do you think it is worth it to pay someone to design workouts?

What affordable, reliable sources of workout programs do you know of?


11 thoughts on “Why a personal trainer is worth the money

  1. Amanda @ .running with spoons

    I worked with a personal trainer for about 6 months when I first started getting back into fitness after a long hiatus, and it’s definitely something I would recommend everyone do. Having a program that’s tailored to your personal needs/goals is awesome, as is having someone there to make sure that you’re doing it correctly. I have to admit that I don’t pay a lot of attention to the workouts people post on the internet, but seeing the one’s you’ve highlighted kind of scares me…
    Amanda @ .running with spoons recently posted…. thinking out loud #64 .My Profile

  2. Diane @ Life of Di.

    I would love to workout with a trainer. I have done so in the past and really benefited; however, I wasn’t eating well during that time so I never saw the results I expected. Maybe once I start more of a ‘career’ (as opposed to nannying) I’ll be able to spend a little extra on a trainer. I totally agree with you about the benefits 🙂
    Diane @ Life of Di. recently posted…Little Life Updates: January 2014.My Profile

  3. Meredith @ The Cookie ChRUNicles

    I can never follow or even focus on the fitness charts circulating – even wrote about it last week. I share in broad description what my workouts look like because I am asked but people need to remember- do what works for you. Even with a trainer- you need to speak up and inform what you like and don’t like, what feels right, what feels wrong, let a trainer know of previous injuries or conditions because no one knows your body like you do. I can’t lift heavy weights and wont start to, regardless of any trend I see.
    Meredith @ The Cookie ChRUNicles recently posted…Thinking Out Loud – Talking With Emoji’s, Skincare And No FloridaMy Profile

    1. Andrea @ PencilsandPancakes Post author

      Yes that’s the problem- everyone is different! So a beginner coming in and having no idea (me two years ago) just starts doing these exercises and it’s not safe!

  4. Jan @ Sprouts n Squats

    I definitely agree that following other workouts can be dangerous especially workouts with a lot of jumping and knee work as I know of a lot of people who have injured themselves doing lunges and burpees without proper form.

    Such a great topic and post, thank you for sharing.
    Jan @ Sprouts n Squats recently posted…Friday FavouritesMy Profile

    1. Andrea @ PencilsandPancakes Post author

      yes I think it was jump lunges that hurt me! and burpees as great as an exercise they are…

  5. Hilary

    I could not agree with you more on this! I was working out and honestly saw no results and was completely just ready to throw in the towel then I got a consultation with an online trainer and found out what I was doing wrong now I not only have a meal plan, example or rather macros to follow but she gave me a great workout that challenges a new body part each day! I have actually gotten compliments on how killer they look. I have seen so many improvements too, the first week I couldn’t walk and now I am flying through them! I am so glad I spent the money for one!
    Hilary recently posted…Thinking Out Loud Thursday, almost Friday !My Profile

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