A week’s worth of Paleo meals

Happy President’s Day! Hope you are enjoying your day (or week for me! Bahaaahahahhaa the joys of being a teacher) off if you have one. I also hope that you watched my first, really embarrassing, cut off at the end video I made last week about what I got at the grocery store! I promise you can at least laugh on my behalf even if you don’t care about Paleo meal planning….

Today I will share the meals that I made with that particular grocery haul. Remember I spent $100 not including money previously spent on meat for two people. Yes, seems like a lot. I feel like it will get better once veggies and fruit become more seasonal. For now I just deal with it.

So here’s what I made:

Breakfast plan

My husband doesn’t eat breakfast, so I don’t have to worry about him……I make him a dozen boiled eggs on Sunday and he grabs them to go if needed but most of the time he doesn’t. He has a much different (and enviable) metabolism than me.

I typically make the frittata on Sunday and eat it every day. I also roast the veggies so they are easily warmed up. I have a healthy serving of nut butter with the roasted veggies for my fats…which I’m trying to cut back on but have no self control. On Saturday and Sunday, I think you know what I have.










Enough said.



The soup was so good! You should check out Nom Nom Paleo if you haven’t… so good! Again, everything is made on Sunday so I just grab and go.

I thought I made enough for the five days but when it came down to it I didn’t so luckily Friday there were some leftovers.

Husband has sandwiches with lunch meat and rolls I showed you in the video for lunch. He also has a banana or apple with some chips.


Dinner is where I have some variation from day to day. I like burgers because my  husband always asks for them and I can stretch 1 lb of ground beef for two days. I’m also addicted to carrot fries. Here’s what my prep bunch looked like Sunday:


I got the Chicken Mole recipe from a blog online and was really excited but it wasn’t the best recipe…..I think it was my fault. I used 100% unsweetened cocoa and the recipe called for 70-80%. I didn’t use any sweetener. I should have added honey.

If you notice I don’t really have snacks. I eat pretty well on my three meals so I’m just not hungry for them. This is something I really perfected during the Whole 30. I used to eat 6-7 times a day but that’s just annoying. When I eat enough at meals there’s no need for a snack. Sometimes when I have a harder workout I’ll grab a hard boiled egg or something. And sometimes I cave and have an after dinner snack (had half my beet cake two nights this week). I know it’s not necessary though, it usually it’s just habit, so I try  not to. But who can resist cake? 😉


Well there you have it, a week’s worth of Paleo meals for 1….and some non-paleo meals for the hubby. Stay tuned next week for Paleo meal planning – Food Prep Sunday!

How do you vary your meals throughout the week?

Do you think snacks are necessary?

What are your favorite go-to lunches?


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