What I ate on Valentine’s Day

Over the last two weeks, in my five ELA classes the homework completion percentage rate is averaging around 50%. Yeah. It’s a problem. That’s why I’ve resorted to what you’re about to see. I decided to link up with Jen from Peas and Crayons this week for the infamous blogger foodie party, WIAW.



What I ate on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day was also the last day of school before winter break, which makes for very hyper kids, so I thought it would be an amazing idea to rev them up further by making and bringing a treat….

Bacon Party

Well actually, I had a contest going between my five classes to see who did the most homework over the course of two weeks. The winning class was promised a reward. Since the class that won was 1st period, I decided on a breakfast theme. I got several kinds of cereal, baked brownies for those kids who didn’t mind the sugar rush, and…also….bacon.











I hope the kids learned an important lesson:












It’s not a bribe….I like to think of it as a “motivator”. I’m at a loss with what to do in order to stay on top of these kids so they do their homework. It seems like everything I do is to no avail. I’ve tried everything. I’m resorting to bacon people. Help!

When I got home I got to work on our dinner:

Filet Mignon with balsamic glaze

Roasted Asparagus

Paleo Chocolate Cake

I’m telling you it was one of the best meals I’ve eaten in a while. I’m over going out to dinner.


I shared most of these pictures on Instagram and Facebook so if you follow me I’m sorry for the repeats!! It was just too good not to share.

For the balsamic glaze I first sauteed half an onion and some minced garlic in some coconut oil, added 1/4 cup tomato paste and let it meld together, then added about a half cup of black cherry balsamic vinegar. OMG. I used my flavored balsamic vinegar from Olive a Sudden. No affiliation- my BFF works there in Cali and they are amazing. The sweetness of the cherry balsamic paired perfectly with the steak.

The star of the night was the Paleo chocolate cake. I followed this recipe, but whipped up my own frosting, which was hands down the best chocolate frosting I have ever eaten Paleo or not.

Paleo Chocolate Frosting

Paleo Chocolate Frosting











2 oz of 100% bittersweet chocolate

Cream on top of 1 can of full fat coconut milk, set in the fridge for at least 30 minutes

2 tablespoons of coconut sugar

1 tablespoon of coconut oil

Place a metal bowl and whisk in the freezer for 30+ minutes before starting. Melt the chocolate and coconut oil in a double boiler over the stove and set aside. When the bowl is ready and chocolate is a bit cooled,  take the coconut milk and spoon out the top, hardened portion into the bowl. Leave the water to put in smoothies, or another recipe! Whip the milk in with a stand mixer or whisk until fluffy. Then add the melted chocolate. Keep whipping as you add the coconut sugar. Scrape down the sides if needed.

This is by far the best frosting I’ve ever tasted! So rich and delicious. You could probably add some vanilla extract as well, which I kind of forgot to do! Whoops!


paleo chocolate cake









Yes, my chocolate cake looks like dog poop, thank you very much. Hey, does that matter? No. Why? Because it was FREAKING DELICIOUS. Someone SERIOUSLY needs to give me a free lesson in food photography. Seriously, please don’t judge me. The grossest looking food usually tastes the best, right?

What did you eat on Valentine’s Day???



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