Test Prep Memes

‘Tis the week before the NYS ELA exam. It’s really not as nerve wracking as I make it out to be. It is what it is. I do the best I can to prepare students but to stress out too much is a lot of work. We try to make it as positive as possible for the kids and not use “scare” tactics. Part of the way I’m trying to make it positive and not unbearable as we prepare is with an extra credit assignment.


Test prep memes!!!! I‘m sure you know what memes are if you have the internet. If you don’t….they’re kind of hard to explain. So instead, I’ll show you some examples of ones my kids made!

(AC2E is a writing format I teach my kids)




LOL….you get the idea. Students are loving it! Just a little something to make the week go by faster and remind them of strategies for the test! I also baked one of my classes cookies just because I thought they were working hard!! #bestteacherever










SO excited for after the test because I get to teach Omnivore’s Dilemma again!!!! My school ordered the books so it’s going to be way more in depth this year. So excited to drop some REAL FOOD knowledge on my little minds.

What have you done to make test week more bearable??



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