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FINALLY sitting down to write this post after spending an hour catching up on blogs. Everyone posts on Mondays. What’s up with that?? Like, Saturday I wanted to waste some time browsing the internet and NO ONE posts on the weekends. Monday comes along and I actually have stuff to do= 50 billion blog posts to read. #thestruggle

I lied, I don’t really have anything to do today. Why? ‘Cause I’M ON VACATION AGAIN!!!!!! What’s that? You don’t have 5 weeks of vacation a year plus the whole summer off? Sorry about your luck. #suckstosuck

Okay, I’ll stop bragging. And using hash tags in a blog post. This weekend we had some really nice summer-like weather and it was truly a taste of summer. Can’t WAIT. Buuuut it’s supposed to snow tomorrow so, I’m not getting used to it.

We were able to get done a lot of stuff around the “homestead” and I’m so excited about it. Last year at this time we were living in a rental house in the middle of the city dreaming about farming and now we’re actually doing it. I am living out my dream of raising and growing my food and it’s awesome.

1) Piggies


Excuse me sir but your butt is in the way of my dinner






























They are getting so big!!! I was worried at first because they were very shell shocked and not eating, but that’s no longer the problem. All they do is eat! And sleep. And rub their butts on things to itch them. It’s cute. How will I eat them? They like leftover fruit. But they don’t eat their veggies!!! We talked to a local farmer about how we can do some rotational pasturing once we get them outside, so I’m excited about that.

2) Plants

After a minor setback involving my cat thinking sprouting plants seemed like a good snack, I’m back on track with my plants. Originally I planted peppers and tomatoes and I thought the peppers were a fail, until they started popping this week. It took them three weeks. The tomato plants were doing great until SOMEBODY decided to eat them.










I ran out and bought more seeds- roma tomatoes and hot peppers and planted them.Then I had to design a highly complicated cat proof barrier in my sun room.

cat proof













I planted the “new” tomatoes last Monday and I’ve already got some sprouts. Peppers take longer so FYI if you try to germinate peppers be patient!!















I wanted to get the bigger ones out of the little seed starters so I cleaned out some of those organic salad containers and poked holes in the bottom. They work great.


tomato plants











3) Garden

So where are all these plants going? All year I knew I would have to have some way to dig my gardens. We don’t have a rototiller and I didn’t really want bother with raised beds and buying the soil. Just for kicks I put my shovel into the ground Friday because it’s been really wet, and it went right down. So I just kept digging. And this happened:











Yup. I dug the whole plot. Talk about a workout! Then Sunday I dug another little plot. In a month or so I will layer it with more soil and compost and we’ll be good to go.

That’s all the homesteading updates I have for today! Riveting, I know, but I am wicked excited for the opportunity to live out my farming dream. P.S Thursday we are getting some laying chickens so stay tuned for more!!!!











Have you planted any seeds yet?

Ever dug your own garden?

Do you mind homesteading updates on the blog or should I stick to food??


9 thoughts on “Homesteading updates

  1. Christine@ Apple of My Eye

    I was JUST thinking about how everyone posts on Mondays! It is almost kind of stressful to have so many unread blogs in my Bloglovin’. I don’t have enough time to go through all of them and read them thoroughly! The weekend is where I actually DO have the time and no one puts anything new up haha. Go figure!

    Aww those lil’ piggies are just so darn cute. AND they’re snuggling in a bucket. That’s just cute overload right there haha.

  2. Giselle@myhealthyhappyhome

    Wow! I ‘m so impressed with your homesteading! I’d love to be doing the same.. well okay maybe not exactly the same. i used to have more of a green thumb but for some reason, lost it. We do want to get chickens next year. AND hopefully plant a little garden. We’ll see how that goes…
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  4. Amber @ Busy, Bold, Blessed

    They won’t be very cute when they fatten up and become adults. My friends raised pigs and they were pretty gross looking by the end. They also made it a point never to name them… actually they may have named them bacon and ham haha. I’m envious of all your homestead work!

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