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I hope everyone had a great Easter..I am currently still recuperating and settling down after family left yesterday. Thank GOD that I still have today off……don’t hate me!!! Back to school tomorrow and roughly 10 weeks until the best vacation of all: SUMMER!

I just wanted to pop in today to let you know about an AWESOME Paleo bundle sale that I am so excited and plainly honored to be a part of. For all you Paleo, Primal, Whole Foods lovers out there- the Primal Life Kit launches today and ONLY goes until April 28th…you will not want to miss out on all the Paleo goodies in this ridiculous offer…….. $39 dollars for more than 49 amazing Paleo e-cookbooks, workout plans, meal plans, coupon codes, and online classes that is valued at almost $1500.


I know saying that it’s ‘valued’ at $1500 doesn’t really mean much, BUT as I scrolled through the list of offerings on this bundle, I would gladly pay $39 for one or two of these products. I will do a review of one or two in a couple of days but just scrolling through here are the ones I’m most excited about:

Well Fed 2 by Melissa Joulwan 


Her recipes are so unique and delicious. She has the best practical, simple ideas for the Paleo kitchen. This cookbook was on my list of things to get anyway….

Easy Paleo Gelatin Treats by Caitlin Weeks of Grass Fed Girl

Like I was literally JUST on her website contemplating buying this….

There’s also TWO Paleo challenges (1 month free of Paleo Bootcamp) and a 5 week nutrition challenge (OpeNutrition challenge), 20% of a year subscription to Paleo magazine, and a ton of coupons for awesome Paleo products. A book by Stephanie Ruper (who I declared I have a girl crush on) AND a quick start auto-immune guide by Sarah Ballantyne of The Paleo Mom.

ALSO one of the things I am the most excited about is the subscription to Liz Wolfe’s NEW online Cooking Club: Good Food for Bad Cooks. I love Liz Wolfe and am completely in awe of her sense of humor, homesteading skills, and knowledge about whole food. She recently launched her Good Food for Bad Cooks Cooking Club which is described as:

Good food for bad cooks online cooking & wellness community

-It’s like an online cookbook, with the benefit of brand new recipes added every week that are simple, easy, and perfect for self-described “bad cooks.”

-Shopping lists and meal planning functions too.

-Nutrition education, Q&A and information

-Printable guides

-”Nutrition information THAT MATTERS” – we’re looking at the nutrients different meals provide rather than the calories, grams of fat, carbs, etc. (ie “this recipe rich in: zinc, vitamin A, etc with links to what those nutrients do)
Just the membership to Liz’s site is enough to make me buy this bundle…..but WAIT…THERE’S MORE!!!!!

I am so excited to say that I am a contributing writer to one of the e-cookbooks featured: The Chowstalker Community Cookbook!

When Ron and Patty asked me to contribute to this book I was honored! Chowstalker is a great resource I use to get yummy Paleo recipes (think of it as the Paleo Pinterest!)

Chowstalker Community Cookbook 1st Edition cover

The Chowstalker Community Cookbook is…basically just what it sounds like! Primal and Paleo recipes from great Paleo bloggers around the web (like me!) I contributed two recipes; one from the blog and one original recipe just for the book: Hidden Offal Meatloaf.


Liver Meatloaf











You’ll have to buy it to get it!  So in the cookbook you’ll find 130+ recipes by awesome bloggers as well as tips, bios of the authors and advice. I’m so excited to be a part of it! (The book WILL go on sale by itself after the Primal Life Kit…but why would you wait! Get it as part of the bundle NOW)

So I hope I didn’t sound too “sales-person-y”, but this is seriously a great deal and I would never promote something I didn’t think was awesome and would buy myself. And yes these are affiliate links. Your $39 does go to a great cause- to hard working, awesome real food and Paleo bloggers trying to make a living by spreading the real food love. I can’t think of a better way to support my fellow bloggers! The sale only lasts for a week so click here to learn more!!



Buy Now!


4 thoughts on “Support fellow bloggers by purchasing the Primal Life Kit!

  1. Madison @ Eating for Balance

    I’m so excited to go through all of the ebooks! The Chowstalker cookbook came out phenomenal. I’m also really interested in the grass-fed vs. grain-fed research paper.

    Sometime this summer I am finally going to buy gelatin off of Amazon and make something fun. I’ll have to look through that cookbook later this week to see what recipes I can look forward too 😉

    And for everyone out there, I can attest to the wonderfulness of Andrea’s other recipe contribution, not the meatloaf though… YET 🙂

      1. Andrea @ PencilsandPancakes Post author

        I didn’t do it last year! And I had no idea I would have to “compete” with the big name Paleo bloggers for this sale, haha, we don’t stand a chance 🙁 I’m excited about the Liz Wolfe membership!!!! I love her!!

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