Cuban Picadillo and Well Fed 2

Happy Friday!!!! TGIF! (Here I am complaining and I even had Monday off!)


What?!?! You haven’t ordered the Primal Life Kit yet?? Are you crazy, there’s only three days left!!! You SERIOUSLY don’t want to miss out on this deal. I finally had some time to sift through the enormous amount of stuff that this bundle has in it, and it all was amazing!! I still need more time (this weekend) to look through more of it, but here are some great things I’ve found:

Chowstalker Community Cookbook 1st Edition cover

I’ve already mentioned the Chow stalker community cook book and the recipes I contributed (Hidden Liver Meatloaf and Butternut Squash Breakfast Bake). I went through the cookbook the other day and took FOREVER deciding what to make because there were so many yummy recipes. I settled on the Cuban Picadillo from Tessa at Tessa the Domestic Diva. Tessa specializes in allergy free recipes. This one was great! It was kind of like a spicy chili on top of mashed sweet potatoes. I made a few modifications such as:

-adding some ground liver (of course)

-adding hot sauce and cayenne (I like it spicy!!!)

-mashed carrots on the bottom instead of sweet potatoes <<<MUST TRY!!!

It was amazing. I’m actually eating the leftovers right now for dinner and it’s even better the second night!

Cuban Picadillo 2 

Cuban Picadillo 


I also got a chance to look through Well Fed 2, which I have ALWAYS coveted since I am a fan of Melissa’s Blog The Clothes Make the Girl.

Oh.My.God. This book is worth the $39 alone!!!No. You don’t understand. This book is amazing. It’s not just recipes. It teaches you about food. It gives you ideas and teaches you how to cook. I don’t really know of any other cookbook out there like it.

Here’s a sampler if you don’t believe me. Here is just some of the amazing stuff in the book:

-stuff to put on eggs

-hundreds of combinations for ground meat including burgers, sausages and meatballs.

-a list of spices and recipes for spice combinations

-recipes for delicious homemade Paleo sauces

-suggestions for AIP and Whole 30 modifications

-substitutions and modifications to change up many of the recipes (Melissa’s famous ‘you know how you could do that?)

I’m just enamored with this book!!! The way she creates unique recipes with flavors that are so interesting and exotic is special. If you’re bored with your meals, this book will definitely give you some inspiration.


(source: The Clothes Make the Girl)

I’m looking forward to making:

-Sun Butter and Jelly Burgers

-BBQ Beef Sweet Potato Waffle Sandwiches

-Coleslaw (already made it!)

-Deconstructed Gyros

-“Pizza” Veggies

The list goes on!!! The best part about Well Fed 2 is the inspiration and things that you can learn from the book that go further than just giving you recipes.


(source: The Clothes make the Girl)



So with that being said, you should DEFINITELY head on over to the Primal Life Kit page and support bloggers and purchase this kit! Sunday is the last day so get on it!!!

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