Thinking Out Loud: Animals!

I’m linking up with Amanda this week to share my thoughts in her Thinking Out Loud link up….

This week I am having mixed emotions about our last week with the pigs! 




This Saturday they go to become bacon. They’ve been with us since March, and I understand meat is what we got them for but it doesn’t make it any easier! I remember when they were just tiny little guys. 



 It’s hard coming to terms with the fact an animal has to die for me to eat, however I think it’s important to face up to this fact. Many people respond with ‘I’d rather not know about it.’ I don’t agree with that. I really don’t feel that I ought to be eating meat if I’m not ready to face this fact. And when it comes to stuff I’m eating ‘not knowing about it’ doesn’t jive very well for me. 

The chickens were one thing….  we only had them for 8 weeks. The pigs are a bigger deal because I’ve been caring for them since March. Before we did the chickens a farmer that I get food from told me that you’re giving the animal the best life possible and you know you cared for it the best you could and gave it a good life while it was with you. Every time I had to get up early to care for them proves that I did give them the best life. I think anyone who wouldn’t have at least a little uneasiness about sending something you’ve cared for for 6 mos away to die wouldn’t be normal. 

Anyways…. Expect some pork recipes! 

In other news, school started and for the first week I did a fun project where the kids had to write three statements to tell the world (got the idea from Olive to Run). I snapped a picture of each of them and then made them into the movie. I can’t add the movie because it has kids’ faces, but here are some good ones. 



I pretty much squealed when I opened the mailbox the other day to find my free samples of AMRAP bars!!
















I had been waiting patiently for my samples and they finally came. I cannot wait to try these, they look delicious…especially the fig flavor. I’m obsessed with figs.

This week I finished doggy obedience classes with our new dog, Anna. They were mildly helpful. The key is you have to practice a lot at home which I haven’t been the best at but we will work on it! You think these two are friends yet?
















If ‘friends’ means incessantly bothering one another 100% of the time, then they’re definitely best friends.

I found this picture of Frank when he was little and my heart melted a little bit.



Just a wittle baby!!!

That’s all for today- trying to post more often now that I’m back in a routine!

Have you ever taken your dog to obedience classes??

Have you tried AMRAP bars??


5 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud: Animals!

  1. megztap

    great post! awww those piggies are too cute! I have a pug who rules our home we have been seriously considering taking him to some sort of training or obedience school – he is 9months so i think we can still teach him. I have never tried AMRAP bars but i also love figs – let me know how they taste!
    megztap recently posted…Thinking Out Loud Thursdays #7: GrowthMy Profile

  2. Diane @ Life of Di.

    Poor piggies 🙁 At least you know they won’t be abused! That’s the biggest problem I have with the meat industry. I just wish we could have more humane practices and that it was more closely regulated. Ugh. Also, my dog has never been to obedience school but I was just thinking (tonight actually) that he needs to! He has been so bad recently and it’s driving me nuts. He ate one of my daughters toys and she isn’t even here yet! Ugh!
    Diane @ Life of Di. recently posted…So Long Summer, Hello Fall.My Profile

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