{Free Download} Mix up your veggie routine + I’m writing a book!

I guess I’ll come out and just say it- I’ve been working on an e-cookbook all year. I’m almost ready to publish it! I’ll give you a couple of sneak peaks but I wanted to also give away another project I worked on- a free guide to mixing up your veggie routine. Hopefully if you like the content of this guide you’ll come back for more when I release the cookbook!

The cookbook will contain mostly (there are 2-3 favorites from the blog) new recipes that adhere to a whole foods and (mostly) paleo, gluten free, grain free lifestyle. I will also include a guide to must-have products, and tips for healthy living! I am so excited and have been working hard on the e-book. The technology side is really the hard part so once I figure it out I should have the ebook available.

Just SOME of the recipes included are:

buffalo chicken pasta

– Buffalo Chicken Pasta

blackberry rhubarb

-Blackberry-Rhubarb crumble

cookie dough

– Cookie Dough Truffles

And many more! While you wait on the edge of your seat in anticipation (lol) I’m offering this free download for absolutely nothing! Enjoy!

 Click here to get your free download!

Have you ever tried writing an e-book?

Tips would be appreciated!



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