What I ate Wednesday- Trip to BJ’s

Happy Wednesday! This week is moving along since I had Monday off…. Be jealous!  Hope you didn’t miss my post for Paleo Chicken Riggies yesterday and my announcement about the cookbook. Very exciting

I am linking up with Jenn for What I ate Wednesday.  Anyways, I don’t really have a full day of eats but do have some yummy things to share from last week. A highlight of my week was my trip to BJs. It’s kind of like a CostCo for those that don’t know. I was able to get a cheap subscription through my school. My friend and I stopped by before going to the movies (Gone Girl….how disturbing) and I was basically like a kid in a candy store. You have to watch carefully because some things will not be a better deal but I did make some good finds:





Figs….my favorite








Definitely needed










This was a double pack for 7.99










Pecans 6.99 lb








Great finds! I wanted to buy more but we were about to go to the movies so the huge thing of talents gelato couldn’t come :(.

The other night I made chicken pot pies from the 21 Day Sugar Detox cookbook. 



They were ridiculous. I don’t know why I haven’t made them sooner. Also, pumpkin chili from Gather. 




Also, so sad…. We got rid of our chickens on Saturday and although I was happy that I don’t have to take care of them anymore it was sad to get our last egg. 




It will be nice however to be able to leave the house for a weekend! 

What are your favorite finds at BJs or Costco? 



6 thoughts on “What I ate Wednesday- Trip to BJ’s

  1. Catie @ Mangoes Margarita

    I love those big box stores! $6.99 for a pound of pecans is such a steal… reasonable prices on healthy food is probably what I miss most living in NYC πŸ™ These WIaW posts are fun, definitely joining in the fun next week!

    Also — I’ve been wanting to see Gone Girl, everyone’s reactions are so varied it makes me curious!

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