The Pencils and Pancakes Real Food Cookbook

It’s ready! It’s ready! Finally….after almost a year of working on an eCookbook I am proud and super excited to say that it’s FINALLY ready to sell and on the market!

cookbook.jpgI know I did blog about this previously, but if you didn’t catch my last post, here’s a little about the recipes in this book:

  • gluten free
  • processed sugar free
  • whole food
  • paleo-friendly
  • grain free (all but one)
  • healthy

Some of the recipes included are:

Buffalo Chicken Pasta

buffalo chicken pasta

Paleo Cookie Dough Truffles

cookie dough

Homemade Spicy Jalepeno Salsa

Spicy Jalepeno Salsa

Also a never-before shared recipe for my original homemade spaghetti sauce…paleo friendly!

tomato sauce

The book also includes some whole food cooking tips if you’re new to Paleo and whole food cooking.

When you click on the Buy Now graphic, it will take you straight to GumRoad, the service I’m using to sell the eBook. It allows for easy, no hassle credit card payments- no PayPal necessary!

I’m super excited that I finally finished. Although I’m not trying to make a fortune and retire, I think just the fact that I set out to do something and accomplished it is reward enough. At the beginning of the year I had this crazy idea to do this. I asked myself what I enjoyed most about the blog and I think that creating and sharing recipes was it. Why not create and share recipes all together in a collection? I started researching self-publishing and decided to just do it.

I had moments of doubt and pretty much went through a phase this summer where I had no interest in working on the cookbook OR blogging, but a little inspiration was all it took to get it going again.

Just know if you decide to purchase that you’re supporting me being able to keep doing what I love- and that makes me extremely grateful.

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