Pampered Chef- Best tools for Paleo cooking and baking!

I generally tend to loathe the “sell stuff” parties that seem to be all the rage- candles, Tupperware, make up, purses, nail art, etc etc. It can get annoying to deal with……so that’s why when I decide to actually do one it has to be a product that is WORTH annoying people with. I absolutely LOVE pampered chef products and use them all the time- every day in my kitchen. Instead of having an actual pampered chef party I’m having a book party online- that way anyone can shop any time without the hassle of actually going to a party. I wanted to share the link with you as well as my favorite products in case you’ve never heard of Pampered Chef and are interested. Every product I’ve gotten from there has been worth the price because they are quality and last.

My favorite that I use every day-

Flexible cutting mats

I hate getting out a gargantuan cutting board every time I want to chop up an onion or tomato for a salad or something. That’s why I love these flexible cutting boards. They’re light weight, easy to clean and easy to store. I’ve had my same set for over 2 years.


Rectangular Baker


Pan scrapers

I think any of the stone wear is great. This baker is particularly useful for casseroles that contain egg or coconut flour (for Paleo baking) because nothing sticks to it. It’s way easier to clean than a class casserole dish that half of my casserole would be stuck to. I am also thinking about buying the scrapers this time to make clean up even easier!

I don’t have this yet but I am also thinking about getting this stoneware muffin set. Every.single.time. I make Paleo muffins or cupcakes with coconut flour they stick. Doesn’t matter if I grease the pan, use papers, etc. So maybe this is the answer!

Okay this next thing I actually have 4 of….they are amazing. These silicone baking sheet liners can literally be put under ANYTHING and you have NO stickage. Clearly food sticking to pans is a huge issue for me, haha. But with coconut flour and eggs it’s always tricky. I lay these silicon liners down under any granola bars or brownies or paleo breads and nothing ever sticks! They are basically the Pampered Chef equivalent of Silpats.


I know it can seem crazy with people trying to sell you stuff left and right these days but these products are awesome! Especially for Paleo baking where everything has a tendency to stick and you need to be organized and efficient in the kitchen. This post could easily turn  super long so I will leave you the link so you can check out the awesome products yourself! Great for Christmas presents too!!!

What pampered chef products do you love?

What tools for Paleo baking do you find most useful?


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