Thinking Out Loud Thursday

I have a lot of random stuff to share today so I decided to linkup with one of my fav bloggers, Amanda, for her thinking out loud thurs series!!!

1. I’m so excited that Hallmark is already playing its Christmas movies. I was obsessed with them last year and although it’s a little early I was happy to spend last Saturday on the couch binging on them. So corny but so good at the same time.

Love this one

2. I know Halloween is long gone and everyone is ready for the holidays but I was so happy to finally find this beer a couple weeks ago at Wegmans. Considering I looked for it for a straight two months before hand after seeing it on the Southern Tier Brewing Instagram hashtag. It’s like a slight pumpkin flavor but a thicker, stout type beer.


3. Haven’t really mentioned much about her since we got her in July but I think you could say Anna is part of the family. We got her a dog bed a couple weekends ago because she preferred the couch to the floor….. Problem solved.


4. Please tell me you are aware of the extremely entertaining time wasting site The Berry!!!!! If you aren’t I don’t know what you are doing with your life. Actually you’re probably doing pretty productive things because this site is awesome for distracting me from doing actual work. But it’s always great for a laugh when I’m stressed or bored.

5. The 21 Day Sugar Detox is going decent. I’ll be honest and say that I did have a couple of cookie dough bites) that I made for a ‘book release’ party last week because I was starving and unprepared. They had dates in them so that’s a no go. I’m not starting over though. I consider it win that I stayed away from the wine I served. I think there’s a lot worse things besides dates to eat anyway. I’ve stayed away from all processed stuff and fruit. Here’s a Breakfast I made the other morning: soft boiled eggs, peppers and onions with bacon and a sweet potato with coconut butter.


Although I had to endure this mental torture at BJs the other day….. OMG.

photo(5)I am getting my hands on one of those in the future. Except it might be seriously dangerous knowing that the tub is that big!!! One day…..

What is your favorite Christmas movie?

Have you been to The Berry Website??


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  1. Amanda @ .running with spoons.

    The holidays are the one time I regret not having cable — it means no binge watching Christmas movies! But that’s okay considering I have all my favourites on DVD 😀 The Holiday, Elf, Home Alone, Nightmare Before Christmas, The Grinch, Muppet’s Christmas Carol… aaaaah so many good ones!
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