Thanksgiving 2014

Sorry for dropping off the face of the blog earth for a week. I was away from home without the best internet connection or motivation to blog much to be honest!  Just wanted to enjoy the holiday with family and friends. Now that I’m home here’s the highlights from the week:


We had to bring both of our animals back home with us…it certainly made for an interesting trip!


Here’s one of them lounging on the couch at home.

Saturday before Thanksgiving we got together with our friends for a “friendsgiving” it was fun to get everyone together since it’s hard for us living out of town!


Yes I know Thanksgiving is spelled wrong. Our friends’ son made that and I thought it was too cute. Looked more like Christmas than Thanksgiving in Syracuse!


Whatever! It’s not 6 feet so I’m cool with that. Last Tuesday I was able to catch an SU game. Not the

team we had last year but…here’s to a less stressful season…


And now….for the Thanksgiving goodies I made…

Ample supplies for Paleo desserts..


I made two pies from Danielle Walker’s Against All Grain Pumpkin and Chocolate Pie. This is my absolute favorite cookbook for special holiday treats. She really has some great dessert recipes. I made the chocolate pie for Easter too and it was amazing but I later dropped the pie dish which broke and got broken glass all in the pie…so I had to throw it away. So as soon as I remembered how delicious that pie was I HAD to make it again! I actually think the pumpkin was from her holiday e-cookbook. That’s a kindle version- you can get it for wicked cheap!



Pumpkin was good but Chocolate was best! The pumpkin lacked sweetness, which was fine for me since I just finished my 21 DSD. It also made a great breakfast the morning after!

I also made a sweet potato casserole…no recipe but it turned out great!


And Brussels sprouts with bacon!


Thanks pretty much all the photos I have to dump on you. Hopefully I’ll be back this week with some more posts.


How was your Thanksgiving? What’s the best thing you ate/did?


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  1. Giselle

    I made her pumpkin pie too! Wish I would have made the chocolate as well. Looks delicious! I also made brussels with mushrooms, pancetta and balsamic. So good! Did you see that Danielle Walker is coming out with a Christmas e-book too? Can’t wait!

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