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Pregnancy Update: 20-21 Weeks

Okay here we are half way through!!! Ugh, at some times it seems like it’s going fast and other times it seems like it will be forever until I meet my little baby. Trying just to take it day by day! I think it’s safe to say I’ve had it a lot worse during the second trimester than the first, which is opposite than usual. But still nothing terrible and serious going on so I’m considering myself lucky. Here’s a bump date as of today:


I’m enjoying at little extra time this week for winter break, which is great. And we have another one in four short weeks!! Love being a teacher.

Anyways, we just got back from spending the weekend at our parents’ houses in Syracuse which was a fun time. I got to try out a new-to-me brunch spot in downtown Syracuse that was worth blogging about- called Modern Malt. It was everything I ever dreamed. My sister and I ordered the fruity pebble encrusted (!!!!!) french toast and breakfast tacos, followed by a peanut butter milk shake for dessert.



No mimosas for me :(. If you’re local you should DEFINITELY check it out! I will be back. Okay here’s a little update on how the pregnancy has been going.

Weight gained: I think about 10-12 pounds. I was up nine from the last time that I had only gained three but that was about two weeks ago. It’s really frustrating that none of my clothes are fitting and maternity clothes are SO expensive. I also sometimes really wish that I was one of those cute pregnant ladies with just a belly, but no,  it seems as though my entire waistline has just decided to expand and make me look pear shaped on the bottom. People keep saying “you don’t look pregnant!” and I’m like….so I look like I’m getting fat?!?! Hopefully when I pop out a bit more I will look less like a beached whale.

Workouts: Still doing pretty good! I had been visiting the gym 1-2 times a week and then doing workouts and yoga at home. But I think I might switch it up and try to do shorter workouts at home like 4-5 days a week. We had a case of chicken pox at the high school and although I’ve already had it, it made me paranoid just about germs in general at the school gym. It’s disgusting and never gets cleaned or disinfected (as far as I know). High school and middle school students don’t generally follow the “wipe down after use” rule. I generally wash my hands 2-3 times while I’m in there but I figure if I can get a good workout at home why even take the chance? Thanks to my blogging favs Courtney and Giselle, I’ve had some great ideas for workouts at home during pregnancy!!

Symptoms: Still getting some headaches, which my doctor just said to take the freakin’ Tylenol (which I did) and it helped. Drinking a bit (about a half a cup) of coffee a day I think keeps them at bay as well. Sleep is getting difficult as well, trying to stay on my side. Can’t really think of anything else specifically, besides just feeling “blah” most of the time. Still having anxiety about certain things but trying really hard to keep it under control.

Movement: Yes! Around the end of 17 weeks I started to feel it. Now that I know what it feels like I realize how much he/she moves around! Some days it will feel like he/she is doing somersaults in there and other days it’s quiet. I absolutely love the feeling and it’s great to have another reassurance that I am indeed pregnant. It was hard waiting for just one ultrasound to make sure everything was okay. Here’s a pic from our anatomy scan:


My heart just melts. I can’t wait to meet this little one!

Food Aversions: Not really anything at this point. But I’m definitely preferring cupcakes over broccoli still. Asian/ginergy- lime stuff still freaks me out.

Food Cravings: I’ve been a lot better on the diet front, but weekends are still kind of a free for all, which I’m okay with. Cheese is still a must-have.

Sleep: Been kind of crappy. Waking up anywhere from 2-5 times at night, to pee or just because I’m uncomfortable and my mouth is dry. Getting a humidifier helped a bit and cut it down to waking generally 2 times a night. I really need a bigger bed, and foresee me not being able to sleep in the bed with my husband when I get bigger. We have a full and it’s miserable. We tried going to the mattress store in Syracuse that sells organic mattresses but it was closed 🙁

Stretch marks?  Still none. Still mainly just look bloated rather than pregnant.

Miss Anything? Beeeeeeeeeer. Wahhhhh. And sushi but I know I can have a California roll or something if I want it that bad. Not like there are any good sushi places near me or like my husband would ever go, so it’s not like a struggle.

Baby Items Purchased: I got some cute chevron pattern gray storage canvas boxes at Marshall’s the other day. I have also been diligently adding items to my registry via It’s great because you can add items from any store you want, including Amazon. Since many of the things I want are natural and organic and  you may not be able to find them in stores. I am loving this option. This is not sponsored lol.


Looking Forward To:

Besides meeting my baby….. I guess growing my bump a little more so I look pregnant and not fat? Also, for the warmer weather to approach. We have my sister in law’s wedding in April and all the fun stuff for that will also be happening soon.


What must haves did you have on your registry?


Pregnancy Update: 17 Weeks

Surprise! Long time no blog……. yeah I disappeared again. But for a good reason!!!! I was all excited to start blogging again following my Candida cleanse this fall, and I DID end up going through with it and completing 8 (I think it was even 10) weeks; I even started feeling better and then……BAM.


Woops, so Candida diet…out the window. Bring on ALL the unhealthy foods. Anyways, I don’t want to talk much about that but I do love pregnancy updates on blogs. I definitely don’t plan on doing them weekly but I did want to throw a couple up here since I can look back on it and remember.

Right now I am 17 weeks tomorrow, due July 4th (AMERICA) and I’ve had it relatively easy compared to what I heard/read about the first trimester. I was blessed with hardly any nausea and absolutely no vomiting, but really that always made me anxious that something was wrong! Now that I’m well into the 2nd tri I have less anxiety but I just can’t believe I made it through the first trimester scot free. Well not totally but I feel pretty lucky.


Weight gained: At my last appointment (14 weeks) I had only gained 3 pounds! Again, I started worrying that it wasn’t enough (dumb). Now I think when I go next week I will probably have gained at least 5-7. I literally can’t believe I’m not whale-sized considering the food I’ve been downing.

Workouts: I took it pretty easy the first trimester but now that I have more energy I have been just aiming to get as much movement in as possible! I always did yoga every day before I was preggo and I continue to now. It’s a great way to wake up considering I limit coffee and sometimes I throw in some meditation. Then I usually am at the gym doing weights at least 1-2 X a week. The rest of the days I either make sure I go for a walk (brrrrrr) or do some 20 minute quick at home workout or something. YouTube, Tone it Up and Pinterest have been life savers! Just hoping that I can continue well into the pregnancy.

Symptoms: Like I said in the 1st tri I didn’t have much nausea but I did have wicked food aversions and cravings. Sometimes I would dry heave when smelling cooked vegetables. Man, food aversions are no joke! I found myself going off the rails (esp during the holidays) with my paleo lifestyle and eating things I haven’t eaten in YEARS! (Cheese, pizza, bagels…) But I REGRET NOTHING!!! Food aversions have calmed down in the last couple of weeks and I’m slowly moving back to real foods (mostly). I also was pretty tired in the 1st tri but getting energy back now.

Lately I’ve had terrible headaches and have been trying to hold out taking anything. I think they are sinus and tension headaches, but they’re annoying and last for days!! I’ll even go to bed with one thinking it will go away and I wake up and it’s still there. Hoping that acupuncture and chiropractic appointments can help with this.

Anxiety like crazy, but this is par for the course for me unfortunately. Trying to stay off Google for symptoms. I just started acupuncture to help with this and I don’t know if it’s placebo effect or what but it seems to be helping.

Other than that….some bloating and gas (TMI) and obviously going pee like every 5 minutes. And no, like all the books say, it’s not letting up in the 2nd trimester.

Movement: Not yet 🙁 Felt a few weird things down there but not really sure if it’s just gas, lol. This is currently giving me anxiety because I know there are some people who feel movement before where I’m at right now, but I also know some people it’s more like 20 weeks. I know everyone’s different but it’s hard to wait when everyone keeps asking me.

Food Aversions: At first it was ALL vegetables, so sad. I just ate sardines for the first time today since November. Basically anything remotely healthy I wanted nothing to do with from weeks 7-12. Now they are fading.

Food Cravings: Where should I start?

  • ALL.THE.CHEESE. I seriously didn’t even miss cheese before I was pregnant and now it’s like a major food group for me.
  • Bagels and cream cheese
  • salt and vinegar chips
  • cake (yes I made myself an entire cake and ate it)
  • soft pretzels with cheese (sensing a theme here?)
  • pickles with mustard (so cliché)
  • lunch meat (of course now that I’m not supposed to have it)

Sleep: It’s been pretty good. Besides trying to sleep on my left side. My doctor said it’s fine now and as long as I’m comfy I can still sleep on my back or right side, but every time I Google it or read online it says AFTER THE FIRST TRIMESTER DO NOT SLEEP ON YOUR BACK. AHHHHH! Who to trust, Google or the doctor?

Stretch marks?  None yet! Using lotion daily.

Miss Anything? Beer and wine. Since I quit drinking for the candida diet in September, then found out I was pregnant, when I have the baby in July it will be almost a year since I drank!!

Baby Items Purchased: Nothing really, just this onesie for our little baby announcement on FB.


Looking Forward To:

Our anatomy scan next Tuesday. We are going to keep the gender a secret!!! But I can’t wait to see our little bub. It’s a great relief every time I get to hear the little heartbeat. Every time I’ve heard the heartbeat it’s been fast so the old wives tale means that’s a girl!?!?! I am hoping it is a girl and partly don’t want to find out the gender because I want to keep the possibility alive of having a girl as long as possible. I know that once it pops out and they tell me what it is, by then I won’t care! And I’m digging our gender neutral paint in the nursery too!



Yay that was quote an unload of information, if you’re still reading congrats! Hopefully I’ll write again in a couple of weeks after our anatomy scan.

What cravings did you have during pregnancy?

Finding out the gender: yay or nay?