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Pregnancy Update: 37 Weeks

I know I’ve been slacking on writing updates, it’s been awhile!!! I’ve been kind of lazy. Or busy growing a human. Either one. Anyways we’re full term over here! I thought since the last time I did an update I was wearing this outfit, I would do another one.

37 wks

I’m at 37 weeks and I officially made it to full term. Anytime baby wants to come now is fine with me :). I do however have one week of work left so perhaps I should focus on making it through that. I timed this pregnancy thing quite perfectly if I do say so myself.

Weight gained:

I think I’m topping out around 30-40 pounds, which is fine with me. I gained the majority in my second trimester, and it had me a little scared, but once I hit 34 weeks I was only staying the same or going up 1-2 pounds. Pretty decent since I haven’t had a formal “workout” since March!! My eating has somewhat gotten back to how I was eating before I was pregnant. Somewhat.


See above….stopped formally working out in March because of SI joint. But I have been going to the pool 1-2X a week. It’s better than nothing. My back really started acting up around 32-35 weeks but the last two weeks symptoms have eased (no idea why). Last week and this week I started adding in morning yoga sessions again, and even toying with the idea of going to the gym (!!) to do arms. Not beating myself up about anything though!


All the unpleasant stuff that I’ll spare you of. Lovely swelling in the ankles, and A LOT of Braxton Hicks. They aren’t painful (in the front), but some wrap around and start bothering my back depending on where baby is laying. Right now he’s favoring my left side which is the bad side (of course) so when I have the contraction it only makes my back issues worse. Husband doesn’t seem to get when I tell him to “push harder” during a back rub that I mean he could literally drill a hole in my back and I wouldn’t care.


Of course. Whenever I feel him/her move I am obsessed with trying to figure out what position he’s in!!!! I know from a recent ultrasound that the head is low but I am pretty sure we are posterior (eek) or at least side lying. I just can’t really figure it out! For about a month I have been practicing optimal fetal positioning but I still haven’t felt him move to a fully anterior position. My chiropractor has been working on loosening ligaments down there and I also have an acupuncture appointment scheduled. But I have a feeling the little guy is pretty settled.

Food Aversions: Not at this point.

Food Cravings: I might be all ice-creamed out. Pizza is my BFF, but I have been doing really well eating healthy for the majority of my meals! I can’t wait until my garden starts producing so I will have fresh home grown veggies.

Sleep: Surprisingly has been pretty good since we got our new mattress. Pretty much only waking up 2-3 times a night tops, which honestly isn’t any different then before I was pregnant. Rolling over is quite the struggle though. Cherishing this good sleep while it lasts. Although we have a woodpecker at our house that has decided that the rain gutter is a good place to drill at 5 am. I think he’s getting us ready for having a baby.

Stretch marks?  Nope!

Miss Anything? Sleeping on my back, beer, and bring a normal person, working out,not waddling everywhere.

Baby Items Purchased: We pretty  much got everything at our shower. We are all set and I am waiting for the baby to be born to buy anything else with some of the gift cards we got.


Nursery is really small so it’s hard to get pictures of it.




Looking forward to: Just so excited to meet my baby I can’t even contain myself. I feel like I’ve been pregnant forever. I am looking forward to not being pregnant lol.