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Life Lately

WOW! I’m here! I can’t believe it……yeah I thought this blog was going to be dead. I thought this part of my life was just done, and I was planning on closing up shop in December when I had to renew the hosting fees and domain name. 

But then I just started having second thoughts. I spent so much time on my blog and it would be sad to just let it all go away. And I’m currently unemployed so I thought reviving it could possibly give me a way to spend my time….

So let me update you on life lately. I basically stopped blogging because I didn’t want to put tons of pictures of my kid on the internet. So I just stopped because if I wasn’t blogging about my kid, I couldn’t be completely genuine. And no one likes to read a blog about someone who is not genuine. I can’t blog about life and keep the most major part of my life secret. I figure I can find a way to balance sharing and privacy. Since I last blogged, I had a baby, quit my job and moved! Ha….only a little happened. 

The move

We loved our house and our little farm, but we always wanted to be closer to family. Where we were living was about 3-3.5 hours away from our family and friends. My husband started applying for jobs about a year ago and had a couple of interviews. It was nerve-wracking to kind of be in limbo about our future at times and wondering if we could even sell our house or if I would get a job, but it ended up working out. We sold our house in two weeks!! I couldn’t believe it. We are currently with my in laws until we move in a new house that we just put an offer down on if all goes according to plan. Moving is a big and scary thing but people do it all the time! And it works out in the end. 


The baby

Well I guess you could say she’s not a baby anymore 🙁 She just turned 14 months old and she’s the best kid in the world. I have no idea how I lucked out and got such an easy going, happy-go-lucky baby considering I’m a ball of anxiety 99% of the time. Not saying everything’s been easy but she’s just such a doll. I went back to work around when she was 4 months old which was hard. Another person we’ll miss if the babysitter we had out there whom we loved and I’m not sure what I’m going to do if I go back to work out here. There are definitely drawbacks and benefits to both working and being a SAHM I’ve learned since I’ve had the opportunity to do both. Working and pumping and not sleeping and taking care of the little one is HARD. But I did tend to cherish every single moment that I had with her. And I liked the routine a lot. She started sleeping better when she was at the sitters all day. And it’s kind of like a break to be honest! But I also was very stressed from little sleep and the regular stresses of work. Now that I’m staying home with her I love to be with her but I’m also bored…since most of my friends are at work during the day. 

She is also ON THE MOVE and just started walking recently and it’s just exhausting chasing after her all day…since the house we’re staying in isn’t exactly baby proofed and she hates being penned in. So I chase her around all day and then try to get stuff done during naps. I have a little to keep me busy since I just started a Beautycounter business. I’m really enjoying it so far and I think sharing things about non-toxic living on there made me realize how much I miss blogging. 

Food and Workouts

So during pregnancy I DEFINITELY went off the rails with any sort of diet lol. Then it kind of just kept going after I had her. I was too busy and tired to do Sunday food prep. I still did it a little but I just started to abhor the thought of cooking which is sad because I loved it so much. That’s also why I haven’t been blogging as well. But I am SLOWLY starting to try new recipes again and recently have been doing gluten free (still eating dairy because it’s just sooooo hard). It’s not so much “gluten” that’s the problem. But when I tell myself I’m being gluten free it’s so much easier to avoid lots of crappy stuff then when I tell myself “just try to eat good”. My main goal is to feel good and know what works for me, not subscribe to one sort of strict diet just for the purpose of being on that diet. I could go on for awhile about this. 

Workouts- HA! Yeah. Not doing much these says. I laugh when I think about how I used to not consider walking and yoga a “workout” because that’s basically all I do now. I had a trainer before I left our old town that was really motivating but it’s hard to get motivation on your own. I do lift some weights while watching Netflix 1-2 times a week and that’s pretty much it. But I feel fine about my body and actually lost all of my baby weight (as if that matters at all). The only reason I lost it I think is because I was too busy and stressed to think about food for the past year. So I don’t have any secrets to help you. 

Okay, this post is getting long enough. Hopefully I’ll be back to elaborate on some of this stuff soon. I’m also thinking of changing the name of the blog and/or rebranding as well. Since I’m not really teaching anymore the “pencils” part doesn’t make sense. 

What do you want to see now that the blog’s back in action??