Facebook Live on Pencils and Pancakes

Hi all! So tomorrow night I’m going to try something that I’ve never done before on the blog- go live on Facebook to share some information with you. 

Are you overwhelmed with trying to overhaul your diet and don’t know where to start? Changing your diet and lifestyle is HARD. Instead of stressing yourself out trying to go gluten free, dairy free, cage free, grass fed, GMO free and 100% organic, take the first steps to overhauling your diet and watch my LIVE Facebook video: 3 toxic foods to cut out now.

This is for people who are interested in transitioning from a standard American diet (sad) to a healthier lifestyle, anyone can tune in! Just make sure you’re following my Pencils and Pancakes Facebook Page.

When I talk about the way I eat, so many people are so drastically difference from me that they are turned off by the thought of eliminating everything from their diet in order to be healthy. But the truth is I didn’t do this overnight. This has been 5-6 years of gradually changing over to what I first considered a “paleo” diet but now has evolved into a diet that works for me. And I always subscribe to the idea that what I do MOST of the time is way more important than what I do once in awhile. 

So some people ask me what the first step is. If you were going to eliminate just ONE really unhealthy food, what would it be? Well that’s what this video will be about- basically the worst three things I think anyone can easily take out. And then I’ll be telling you how to get the written version of the guide including brand suggestions for multiple stores and where to buy them. So I’ll tell you what to buy instead of just leaving you out in the cold. I hope you’ll tune in to maybe see me making a fool out of myself!! 8pm Thursday, October 19th. “See” ya then!