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Going way off the beaten path with this post here, I know. But some of my teaching posts are more most popular so I have to roll with this. I really wanted to share. The Outsiders is a favorite book of so many of my students. I would love reading it and looked forward to it all year. Several readers who just “hated” reading cited this as their favorite book. 

Students would be captivated and just love culminating the year with watching the movie, which has some SUPERSTARS I may add. Tom Cruise, Rob Lowe, PATRICK SWAYZE!!, Matt Dillon and even the author herself!!! I can’t believe she wrote that book when she was 15. It’s unreal! 

So we usually read The Outsiders at the end of the year that’s why I like to have a little fun with the projects. I seldom give students a regular test at the end of the book. I like to see them be creative. These project choices let them pick and choose how creative they want to be. There’s always some students who just want to do a simple pencil and paper project. 

Many of the projects require technology especially Ipads. If you would like the word document version please contact me at 

Who is your favorite Outsiders character? I think I have to go with Soda Pop. 

Check it out here:




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