Workouts in 20 minutes or less

Once upon a time I thought that if you weren’t working out until almost death, it didn’t count. My workouts had to be at least an hour. I had to be dripping with sweat. I did this 6 and sometimes 7 days a week. Yoga and walking did not count as workouts. I remember when I had my back injury and couldn’t do anything but walk and I would go to the gym and walk for at least an hour for it to “count”. 

I am grateful for finding fitness and living a healthy lifestyle but I will admit it did not come from a healthy place at first. It was all about burning calories, cancelling out food and punishing myself. To say that I’m in a completely different mindset now is an incredible understatement- I work out to make my body feel good. It has nothing to do with what I ate that day or how many calories I need to burn. I don’t feel guilty if I don’t work out. And I try not to do workouts that I just dread. Yeah sometimes it’s hard to get going but I always feel better after I do it.  That’s why I like to keep it short and sweet. When I know my workouts are just going to be under 20 minutes it makes it a LOT easier to do. And I don’t dread it and avoid doing it.


I just wanted to share a couple of my go-to videos to getting a decent, short and effective workout. These days, I’ll do a 20-30 minute workouts about 2 maybe 3 days a week. Other days I’ll do yoga and we TRY to go for walks even though it’s winter. You might say it’s impossible to get a good workout in in 10-20 minutes but I disagree!!! I’ve included some effective workouts that I do again and again. I love these YouTubers and I use other workouts from all of them as well. 

winter walk

Sarah Beth Yoga is my favorite Yogi….I literally rarely do yoga without her videos. I just like how most of hers a flows with a very predictable pace. Here are a couple that work up a good sweat, but there are PLENTY others for low key or relaxing days:


Jessica Smith TV- Great workouts for cardio, strength and she has a lot of low impact walking stuff if you have injuries. She also has a couple of great prenatal workouts that I did while I was pregnant. I also did her kickboxing ones too, which are a little longer. 


The girls at Tone it Up have a TON of great workouts and many are under 20 minutes, so I just picked one that I’ve done before. But there are TONS…..cardio, weights, kettlebell, kickboxing…everything!

BodyFit by Amy is new one for me but I also used some of hers while pregnant. Great variety. 




There you have it! A workout does not have to be an hour long to be effective. If you don’t dread it and feel great when you’re done then it’s a win. Don’t stress if you can’t get a hard work out in every day and don’t guilt yourself into working out. I promise it does not help and stress makes everything worse. 

How long are your workouts usually?


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