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Natural and Non-Toxic Baby Products

Hello again, I’m actually getting on to post this week, go me!!!!! When I think about authentic things to post about, baby stuff comes to mind. I’m always on the search for natural and non-toxic products especially when it comes to my babe. Even though that’s not what you might have originally followed me for, it’s real life! I am just going to share some of the baby products I’ve been using that I’ve researched and gotten recommendations for baby as far as being affordable and non-toxic! 

Badger Sunscreen

I actually lost my tube of badger balm somewhere….typical. But we still have this face sunscreen stick. Great non-toxic brand. It kind of goes on white as do many zinc based sunscreens but i’ll take that over harmful chemicals in conventional sunscreens. 

Beautycounter Diaper Cream

Beautycounter is killing most of the competition in the baby department, honestly. The diaper rash cream is amazing. Baby has not had a diaper rash since we started using it. I use it once a night. If she has redness it’s gone by the morning. High quality!!!! 

California Baby Body Wash/Shampoo

My LO had a bout of eczema around 8 months and I was using Babyganics but then switched to this awesome, super sensitive formula from California Baby. It has no “fragrance” which can be a code word for some nasty chemicals. I’ve had this bottle since March and it’s still going strong. Her skin has cleared up!!

Jack n Jill natural toothpaste

It was after she had about 6 teeth that I was like…hmmmmm, should I be brushing these chompers?? We’ve been loving this flouride-free brand! She’s not super cooperative lately but I’ve read that all that matters is that the toothpaste gets smeared on the teeth. Lately I’ve been brushing my teeth at the same time so she likes to copy me!! Right now she is getting in some molars. It looks super painful but she doesn’t seem to be bothered. I know, I’ll shut up about my stupid easy baby. She’s probably going to pay me back with the bad behavior when she’s a teenager. 


Beautycounter Daily Protective Balm

We started using this daily protective balm and I love the consistency. I just feel like her skin is getting so nourished! It’s very thick and have absolutely no scent, which is a good thing! Every since I was pregnant and started using natural products I am very sensitive and get bothered by scents easily, even essential oils. We use this and combine it with Eucerin eczema when she gets a bad rash.


What are your favorite baby products? 


Pregnancy Update: 31 Weeks

Hello! Single digit weeks left here! Things are starting to feel real and I am kind of freaking out a little. I just want to feel prepared and ready for baby and there are so many decisions to be made it really stresses me out sometimes! I have to take a deep breath!

31 Weeks


We enjoyed my sister in laws wedding this past week which was fun but extremely tiring. Weddings=way more fun when you’re not pregnant, in case you were wondering. We are supposed to go to another wedding in June when I’ll be 37 weeks and I reeeeeeallly don’t want to miss it, but gosh it was exhausting. I’m playing it by ear and seeing how I feel.


Still feeling generally good and able to get through the days. My main issue has been SI joint and back pain, inhibiting me from doing basically any exercise besides swimming. I plan on going to a physical therapist to get their opinion but I doubt it will help considering it never did when I had this issue before. I just want to know what I should be avoiding and what I should be doing to help this. For example everyone says yoga is so great for pregnant women but last week after my weekly class I was in quite a bit of pain. If it’s just gentle stretching on my own it’s fine but being in a class  you don’t really control the moves you do and I, craving and wanting so bad a decent workout, push myself to do the moves. At least I can still swim and hopefully the pain will subside when baby is born. I knew in my heart this was going to be an issue again since I had it before I was pregnant and at least I can say it didn’t really hit until 24 ish weeks and I was able to workout for the majority of my pregnancy.

Some other symptoms:

*Some shortness of breath and rib pain on the left side (something’s poking me! Hoping it’s a foot and not a head!)

*Random heartburn

*Severe addiction to ice cream


*Sweet tooth in full force. Not hungry for anything but ice cream or cookies honestly.

*Feet swelling- this was lovely- especially at the wedding last week

*Sleep has been better since we got our new mattress!!!!!!! Hallelujah. I’m now only waking up like 1-2 X to pee (!!!!!!) and maybe like 3 times total each night.

*General fatigue when doing too much

After the wedding last week I basically kicked it into high gear with getting ready. I want to get as much checked off the list because May and June tend to fly by under normal circumstances! We got a door for the nursery (the room didn’t have one previously), I did some post partum food prep, and I also ordered some nursing bras and tanks.


Food Prep- homemade frozen pizzas! This idea is brilliant because I’ve been spending like $5-6 on those Amy’s Organic frozen pizzas for busy nights. These are really going to come in handy.


Two chicken dishes frozen and ready to cook! I also made around 30 (un-pictured) twice baked potatoes. I’m thinking I might have to do a massive prep like this once a month regularly. I still do food prep on Sundays but it is really tiring and I generally dread it. If I did this like once a month that would leave less to do on weekly Sundays.Eating healthy is hard work! But worth it. I keep telling myself that it’s worth the money I’ll save ordering out when we have a newborn.

Like I said I just want to be prepared and ease as much stress as possible for before and after the baby is born. I’m patiently awaiting my shower so I can go crazy buying up everything I don’t get. Is this stupid? Should I start buying stuff now? Waiting is giving me extreme anxiety. I feel like I should have had the shower sooner. Like all I have is a crib. With no mattress. In an empty room. And 2 nursing bras.

I’m still trucking along with the Hypnobabies birth program. Can’t help feeling some anxiety however about going ahead with a natural birth, but have to try to stay positive and stay off the internet (ha).

Well this was pretty random and rambling but I figured an update was due. I really am excited and over the moon about baby and trying not to be negative and worried but sometimes my thoughts just take over.

What made you feel most prepared for your first child? Or do you just not ever feel ready?


Pregnancy Update- 27 Weeks

Hello third trimester!! (I think…. every thing says something different…..just go with it) It’s been awhile so I thought I’d update the ol’ blog and let everyone know how things were going. It’s been a good 6 weeks since my last update. First I have to get a rant out of the way.

Hey anyone who has a kid……there have got to be SOME good things about being a mother right? Because it seems as though when you’re pregnant and about to be a mother for the first time, all anyone ever wants to tell you is how HORRIBLE it’s going to be. Makes sense, right?

No actually it’s really annoying. I know that it’s going to be a journey and my life is going to change, but apparently according to everyone everything is going to get worse, I’ll never sleep again, never have time to do anything I want to do, and my life will be horrible.  Why do people have to be so negative? Why not, oh you’re going to be a parent, it’s the greatest blessing ever. Or- you’re going to love it! Or- life is going to be so much better!

Same thing with my pregnancy in general. People will ask how I am doing and then when I honestly reply (“oh, headaches, blah blah blah…” not complaining but THEY ASKED) they instantly tell me how much WORSE it’s going to get. Oh thanks, because I am in excruciating pain right now so you telling me it’s going to get worse really helps calm me down.



(I spy someone’s tail)

Weight gained:

I think around 20 pounds, I had a growth spurt but seems to be leveling off now. Feeling more confident about my body in general. Really trying to keep my eating in check because…..


This is where things get really depressing. My SI joint issues from the past have come back 10X worse. I was doing great with workouts until about week 23-24 when it started bothering me. I thought I could get around it with lighter workouts but now even doing ANY lower body work or even going for a walk puts me in pain which is really hard for me. It’s hard to see weight going on and not be able to work out. It’s hard mentally for me because working out makes me feel so much better. And I know it’s best for my baby too. I am going to try swimming and hopefully I don’t have pain after that or I’ll lose it. Right now that’s all I have…..and yoga. And I’m extremely worried about getting all my gardening done if I can’t bend over and move. Gardening and growing food is really important to me and June is the busiest month….it’s also when I’m the MOST pregnant. ARgh!!!!


SI joint like I said, still occasional headaches, and heartburn which I’ve never had before and is terrible. Also some days just feeling blah and run down.


I’ve got a little gymnast in there! Love feeling him/her move. I get nervous when he isn’t active for a couple of days but my dr said it was normal and usually he will start right up again after a day or so.

Food Aversions: Not really! Trying to get in all the veggies.

Food Cravings: Still ice cream……like all the time. And peanut butter and crackers, which was a childhood favorite of mine that’s come back from the dead.

Sleep: We just got a new mattress! THANK THE LORD! It’s a little firmer than I’d like ( I think I’m going to get a mattress topper) but the space of having a queen vs a full bed makes so much of a difference. I’m able to position my mountain of pillows without feeling claustrophobic and then waking up drenched in sweat because the bed is so small. I’m still waking up at least 1-2X to pee and the SI joint makes it difficult to sleep on my left side. I usually sleep on my right side which is not ideal but the only way I’m not in pain.

Stretch marks?  Nope!

Miss Anything? Sleeping on my back. Sometimes I allow myself a few minutes on my back and it is heaven. And I’d love a beer but I guess it will have to wait until summer.

Baby Items Purchased: My mom got us a few items and we finally got our crib!!!!!


Also, Cuse had a good run this year but I’m already looking forward to next season because I put this on my registry.

Lol, totally necessary. We can match! Everyone is all up in arms about what they’re going to get me for baby clothes because the gender is unknown and I came up with a solution! Syracuse gear!!!

Looking forward to:

My shower in May!!! I just want to be in possession of baby stuff so I can feel like I’m a little more prepared. I feel so unprepared but don’t want to buy too much until we know what we’re getting for the shower.