I’m no expert chef- I literally taught myself to cook after a year of being laid off and unemployed! I like being creative in the kitchen and finding healthy ways to cook the food I love. You’ll find emphasis on real, whole foods (especially in my more recent recipes). I swear it’s not all pancakes!!!! 


butternut squash and rutabagaPancakeswithspinachandproteinpowder.jpg








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One thought on “Recipes

  1. Amanda Ashley


    I am working on a “Best of Paleo’ project for Rachel Rofe. We are highlighting the best Paleo Recipes (Snacks, Desserts and Slow Cooker)…if you submit your most amazing recipes you will get full credit for your work and be included in a fun new book. You can include your personal favorites or the ones your followers like the best. I would need the recipe, 1 picture and your contact information as you’d like it to appear in the book. You can submit as many recipes in each category as you like. Rachels vision for this project is to create a series of books to educate her demographic about the Paleo Diet. She wants to create a community of participation, and let people know that there is strong support and experts like yourself when they need help figuring out what to eat and how to make it. You can email me if you like with any questions.

    Thank You for your time and consideration, Amanda Ashley