Safe Skincare


So when I started my journey to healthier living around 5 years ago, replacing anything but food wasn’t on my radar. This has been a long process. When I learned about the toxins in food and the industrial food system, I simply just couldn’t go back to buying industrial meat and started becoming more conscious of where my food came from. My husband and I even went so far as to start raising our own meat because I just couldn’t stomach where the regular stuff came from. 


Pretty soon I started hearing how THIS was toxic and THAT would kill you and being me I started to become paranoid about chemicals in the other products I was using. First I started using natural deodorant. I replaced my hand soap. Dish soap. Body soap. Sunscreen. Lotion.These changes did not come fast or all at once. As far as make up and cosmetics I told myself that I didn’t really wear much so I wasn’t going to splurge on safer products.  

Then I tried Beautycounter. You may have heard about it. You may be rolling your eyes because all of a sudden it seems like everyone and their mother is selling it. It’s an MLM, a pyramid scheme. That’s what I thought too. I never in a million years would have thought I would sign up to be a consultant at any direct sales company. 

Beautycounter is different. With Beautycounter, I can focus on educating people first about the chemicals and toxic ingredients in personal care and cosmetics items. And when they’re ready to come around and purchase some, it’s their choice. It took me awhile to try it. I purchased some other less expensive brands of make up that were “natural” and they made me break out or were not high quality. Then I was faced with replacing most of my make up because I had pink eye last spring and I thought “You know what? I am going to treat myself! I just suffered through pink eye for 2 weeks!!” After that I was hooked! The products are so high quality and my skin has never looked better. It feels so soft and amazing. I was never even a make up or skincare person before trying this brand, now I’m obsessed. 




Were you alive in 1938? No, me neither. Rates of cancer and people who struggle with infertility have only gone up since then. More than 85,000 chemicals have been introduced into the market since then. We want to trust that products sold for us and our children are safe but it’s sadly not the case. Chemicals that have been linked to cancer and hormone disruption are regularly put in your beauty products and body care products.

Guess how many the U.S. bans?

Yeah. Unfortunately you’ll find harmful ingredients like parabens, phthalates and even formaldehyde in the products you’re putting on your skin. Your largest organ. You may think that everyone in our world is toxic and there’s no point in trying to get rid of it all or else you’ll go crazy. 

I kind of agree. But what about just controlling the things that you can control. You can feel better about the products you’re using for you and your family because you’ve done the research and you’ve taken steps to decrease the toxic load on your body. No we never be able to eliminate the toxic chemicals that make it into our bodies because of the world we live in. But focusing on the things you can control will decrease the amount of chemicals going into your body. 

NOW on to the good stuff. My favorite Beautycounter products! The skincare I’ve is absolutely unparalleled to anything I’ve ever used. The charcoal mask is one of my favorite products. It leaves your skin feeling so fresh and clean and naturally detoxifies dirt and oil from you face.


Another one of my favorite skincare items is the Rejuvenating Radiance Serum. It has given me the most bang for my buck as far as firmness and decreasing wrinkles. 

As far as makeup goes, my favorite product is the cream blusher in hibiscus. It’s a stick of blush that you rub in, and I also use it as a lipstick!


Another one of my absolute favorite make up products is the dew skin tinted moisturizer. It’s a sheer foundation with a tint of coverage and an SPF. I wear it most days that I’m not “going out” or doing much else! 

Those are my favorites, please feel free to email me for more information 


You can also request to join my online community for safer skincare! No purchase necessary!!